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Hey gentlemen, Next weekend I'm going to Chicago with my cousins. I'm looking for recomendations on places to go/see etc. I don't have a ton of time or money so there's not going to be a ton of shopping done, but if there are some interesting shops I'm open to suggestions. I'm very interested in vintage clothing so any of those type stores would be cool. Also I'm interested in history, so any historical sites (Al Capone's house, Chess studios, etc.) would also be entertained. Anything cool would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
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Oh. I forgot to add that I'd be interested to know of any good restaurants. Again, nothing too expensive. I'm a big fan of Italian food. I'm Polish and I hear that there is a large Polish population in Chicago, so any Polish restaurants would also be great. Thanks again.
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Mike, Hope you enjoyed your stay in Chicago. Sorry no one could offer any advice. But now that you've been, are there any things you would suggest to do? I'm hoping to make a trip there in the summer with some friends.
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Mike and Navystyles: Sorry to jump in late, heres what I'd reccomend: Shopping on Michigan ave (aka the Miracle Mile and with good reason)...basically anything you can imagine. -Zegna, Burberry, Gucci, Prada, Ferragamo, Armani botiques. -Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Barney's -Filene's Basement, Marshalls, TJ Maxx Attractions: -Shedd aquarium (absolutely amazing...) -Field Museum -Museum of Science and Technology -Art Museum -Adler Planetarium -Lakefront activities -Navy Pier Not sure what to reccomend for dining because I have a limited budget and prefer to spend my money on clothing when I am down there but basically on every street in the nicer downtown areas (especially Michigan Ave, State Street, Oak, and Wacker Dr.) there is a terrific looking restaurant. When I've been down there with my family in the past when I was younger we ate at a place called 'Spruce'. It was something like $38 per person straight fee and the menu had a fairly limited selection but everything they had was wonderful. I'm sure there is an online city guide that can explain the restaurants better.
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Well, Steve B. hooked me up with a ton of places to check out via messenger so that was sweet. Since we only had 2 days in Chicago we mainly were around Michigan Ave, and the Miracle Mile. Express was having a huge sale, as was H&M. Not really up to the caliber of Zegna and Gucci, but I had short notice and didn't have a whole lot of money. I got a shirt at express that was originally 50 bucks for 10, and a pair of pants for 15 that originally were 60 or 70. I definatly plan on going back, hopefully with in the next couple of months. Hopefully this time I'l have more time and money to spend.
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Good to hear you had a fun trip. I live in Milwaukee so its only a 2 hour drive south for me, and I try and visit at least four times a year. H&M always has good prices and stylish clothing, plus a huge selection. Did you hit the Filene's Basement next door? If you are into stores like Marshalls, you should try Filene's Basement for higher-end things. Great clearance prices too, they always have a bunch of Zegna shirts (some odd colors but many great ones) for about $25 on clearance.
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Capone's home: 7244 S. Prairie Ave 2122 N. Clark St - site of St. Valentine's Day massacre Cabrini Green: 1015-17 Larabee Street (reds) 1230 N. Burling (whites) 1158 N. Cleveland Robert Taylor Homes: 4950 South State 4525 South State original Playboy mansion: 1340 N. State Seriously, I've grown tired of Michigan Avenue and the more "commercial" areas of Chicago over the years.  I've driven and walked around various other areas over the past couple years.  The south side has some amazing old mansions.  The Oxxford factory is very close to UIC, at 1220 W Van Buren.  It's an old 5(?)-story loft building, and riding the elevator made me feel unsafe, since it was sort of shaking.  Cabrini Green was interesting to see.  Though I felt a little strange initially because of the stories I'd heard over the years it felt generally safe, since I was there in broad daylight.
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Oh. I forgot to add that I'd be interested to know of any good restaurants.  Again, nothing too expensive.  I'm a big fan of Italian food.  I'm Polish and I hear that there is a large Polish population in Chicago, so any Polish restaurants would also be great.  Thanks again.
Sawa's Old Warsaw Restaurant Little Ukraine - around West Chicago and Central sts.
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