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Love Get Smart's socks and Lowrey's shirt and shoe combo, but Sauce's overall fit is my favorite of the three. And, yeah, bigger pics would be nice.
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Originally Posted by alterion
on this pick only i believe
lowrey's stripes are brilliant
EDIT: also could you make the poll private until the end of voting so that no-body knows who is winning and we don't get lemming votes

Yeah, I am working on this.

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PHLA all the way baby. you got my vote sauce. Great philly scenery as well
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We are so glad that the final decision is up to the Forum and not us. It was difficult enough to narrow down to three; thank god the contest is every two weeks.

It is too bad that most guys dont possess a fraction of the sense of style that everyone has on the WAYWN thread.
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Originally Posted by CoryB
Yes, Sauce always look absurdly cool. He reminds me of James Dean--something is just perfectly cool while seeming to be effortless.

Thanks a ton, but there's no way I reach James Dean heights. That's pantheon level right there.

Poly, thanks--Illadelph doesn't get enough love.
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Originally Posted by j
Are we voting based on this outfit only, or based on all their pics from the season?

Only this outfit.
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It was difficult to get down to a final three. However, I do think that Jet was robbed. I mean, his late entry with the electric blue suit paired with the silk Mandarin collar shirt was awesome, and the belt topped it off. Much respect!
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with all due respect to sauce and GS, lowrey has the best fits of anyone on here or superfuture imo. although that picture doesn't seem to show it very well, I'm still voting for him.
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I would have voted against myself if that Jet outfit had made it in. Shit was AMAZING.
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Sauce, definitely.
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Lowrey's got my vote.

Ganbatte ganbatte!
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All three fits are awesome, each with the poster's own unique style. Hard to choose...Sauce's hassle-free coolness, GS' classic yet bold style, or Lowrey's clean and harmonized fit?
I think I'm going to go for Lowery in this round.
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At the moment, I can't hide the results without hiding all the results of all polls. Maybe by the next one.
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I voted for Lowrey, actually. Extremely difficult decision to make - I could think of five good reasons to vote for anyone - but the way that fits him is simultaneously meticulous and effortless. That's one of my favorite fits I've seen so far.
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(with the winner's permission) we want to post the winning outfit on our site. we have already set-up the page and Forum icon on our site--the winning photo will be in the center and all previous winners archived/thumbnailed at the bottom.
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