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What color socks with white sneakers?

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What color socks do you wear with white sneakers?

I really like them, be it in canvas for summer or leather for winter, but I'm always somewhat unsatisfied with my choice of socks (usually mid-grey). In summer you can go sockless of course, but in winter...

Also, what thickness/structure? Do you maybe have specific suggestions?
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Gold-toe white ankle socks.
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Originally Posted by Gauss17 View Post

Gold-toe white ankle socks.

Do you mean these?
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Originally Posted by Sander View Post

Do you mean these?

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Are they visible? If yes, it's absolutely no option for me. Besides, even if they were not visible it would look silly to me in winter.
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just depends
- invisible or no socks if it's nice out/summer, shorts, etc.
- gray socks with denim
- sometimes navy or black if I want high contrast or geek chic look
- sometimes white for a super fresh, tennis look
i don't have any colored socks and don't think i'd wear them with white sneakers.

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I only wear grey socks w sneakers. I've got a dozen pairs from Uniqlo
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I like somewhat chunky white or grey cotton or cotton blend in mid calf for my retro canvas sneakers (Jack Parcels or Tretorn natural canvas), or no socks at all. I'm currently looking for some cricket style socks (white with a navy or navy and red band at the top. I wear these with jeans or khakis.

For sports and the gym, only synthetic white or grey short socks.
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Hm, okay, more or less what I thought. Parker and gdl, what grey exactly are we talking about? And Parker, what thickness/structure for the crispy look? I'd guess something thicker and ribbed, as Lennon wore? (btw, any idea what sneakers he wears here?)

psg, cricket style socks sounds good. Let me know if you find some.
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Just their basic light grey socks (same grey used for athletic wear, sweat pants and sweatshirts)

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i am slightly ocd about this, uniqlo grey or green marled work really well with white sneakers and raw denim i think.
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Time to update this thread...

What are you wearing with your white sneakers these days?
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