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Thoughts on these cufflinks by my jeweler.

Poll Results: Do you like these cufflinks?

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    Yes, I do.
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    Yes, I do, and I'd like to buy a pair.
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They are beautiful your Majesty!

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the million dollar question, how much?
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They are beautiful, but look very expensive IMO (If that is the look you are going for).
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I loved these cufflinks... they are So beautiful..and ya looks very expensive too.

Go for it if you have to choose one.

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Very good craftsmanship -- but too flashy for my taste. What will you wear it with?

Though not always in agreement with Alan Flusser, I do concur with his comment:

"Cuff links with stones, even colored ones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires, were traditionally frowned upon as day wear and usually reserved as black tie as part of a set of studs with matching links. In the light of day, such a display would still be considered somewhat ostentatious, although they can certainly be worn after dark to accompany a dressy business suit."
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Second on the flashiness. It just has too much of a bling effect for me and I can't imagine many situations where I would be comfortable wearing that.

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They're beautiful but I wouldn't buy them even if I could spare the amount of money required to buy them.
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Looks like excellent workmanship.

Liberace would have loved them.
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I like these cufflinks. But like JensenH said, it's too flashy. Lovely craftsmanship, but how much exactly?
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As objects, they're lovely - as cufflinks to be worn on a regular basis - much too bling-y.
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Definitely too bling-y for normal occasions.
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I also really like them. I'd echo the sentiment about being too flashy but I would probably buy a pair (depending on Price) if there was a circular metal insert with a smaller stone set in the center. Less flash, still maintain that beautiful look and cool setting

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Guys - will get feedback regarding pricing from my jeweler. This can be done more casual, less "blingy," as these are indeed very fancy (and expensive, as there is gold and a lot of handwork).

If there is interest in a pair, or bespoke cufflinks, let me know, and I can put you in touch with my craftsman.

Also - I was thinking of a "styleforum" limited edition - something like the back on both sides with center moderately sized lapis stone. Anyone interested in that?
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A bit flashy!
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