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Hey all, I got a pair of Straight Svens in Blue Soul a few days ago, and they've become my favorite jeans. I splurged a little bit; I normally wouldn't pay $100 for a pair, but I love the frosty blue color. I feel a little more confident just wearing them.

Obviously, they're not raw, but they still came with instructions sewn to the waist telling me to wait a few months before washing them. Are these rinsed or one-wash jeans or just regular washed jeans? Will their color change dramatically after I put them in the laundry? I normally wait about a month before washing any pair of jeans, so I can wait.

I haven't worn them out in public yet, but I've worn them twice while jogging to stretch them out. I could barely squeeze into them the first time, so if I wash them prematurely, I'm afraid I might never be able to get into them again. Right now I have them cuffed up about four inches even though the given length was only two inches longer than my normal inseam, so I guess I should wait until after the first wash to hem them up.

Also I read something about ironing your jeans while they're still slightly damp to increase the contast in the fades... is there any validity to this?