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swimming is hard

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I need to get in shape for some diving in a month and a half so I'm gonna do a swim in the morning and evening until I leave, as long as my body permits me.

Swimming is hard though. I spent 40 minutes doing laps in the pool and I've felt nauseous ever since I got out. I haven't really swam since I was a kid but it never seemed hard then. Then again, I never swam for the purpose of cardio and I'm in pretty lousy shape right now.

I did front/back/breast stroke as long as I could and when my arms started to be too tired I got a flutter board and just killed whatever energy was left in my legs.

Both my legs and arms are a gummy right now.

I have to say that it's much more enjoyable exerting yourself in the pool than running. It's nice not being all sticky and getting a headache from the heat.

Need to get my breathing right though. Inhaled water more than once tonight =/
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You need to get a pair of fins and a float so that you can train your legs in the flutter kick. Don't bother with any front crawl or breast stroke - you won't use much of those motions in diving at all.
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Since he wants to get in shape he should do the main strokes most of the time then spend some time familiarizing himself with the flutter kick and fins.
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Swimming is a great way to get in shape

but I gotta warn you, your bodies gonna build

a layer of fat to stay warm in the water!

I'd advise doing cardio like basketball or other

such sports. 

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i'll tell you, though, you will get better really quick. good luck
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Yes, of course swimming is a hard workout but it is excellent for the fitness purposes.

It plays an important role to burn the fat and get an ideal body shape.

You will feel it hard in start, after few days you will feel it easy as other routine exercises.

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Swimming is a best form of cardio. Its a perfect exercise in which our whole body works easily. Swimming helps in weight loss so everybody should do swimming daily. Its a best way to get freshness.

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Riveting tale chap! Would read to grand kids.

I know this feel. Swimming is all about technique though. I know people, who are so far from even close to being fit and in shape, who can swim laps consecutively for atleast 30m and not look like they're even trying. You can tell a good swimmer by how relaxed they look in the water, how they glide through without much drag and how seamless they cover distance with each stroke. I envy such people.
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I was on the swim team in junior high, lapsed for twenty years, and just got back into it a couple years ago. Here are two different ways that I spend my 40 minutes in the pool:


workout 1: endurance: freestyle (crawl) for 75 yards, then breastroke 25 yards to return. Repeat. This uses different muscles and gives me a chance to catch my breath.


workout 2: sprint 25 yards with one of the exhausting strokes (freestyle, back, fly) then return 25 yards with a casual breaststroke. Repeat these intervals.

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Swimming might be more difficult for you if you're very fit; people with unusually low body fat (correlated with fitness) can be great at most sports but miserable at swimming, because they have to spend a higher proportion of their energy just to stay at the surface of the water.
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I see these people swimming with fins every day and I think, that's like running with skates. What's the point? Equipment to make it easier defeats the purpose.
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I should swim more. I really enjoy it, but every time I go to the gym the pool is filled with people.
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I swam every day this week. Today, I had my own lane the entire hour. That is rare.
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I swam daily and i am happy to tell you that i am a swimming champion in my college. :)

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I agree with all those who have said swimming is great to get into shape, but be careful of one point though. It does bring you in shape, but once you leave swimming you tend to bloat and your body starts getting fat. So do compensate it with some other form of exercise once you leave swimming.

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