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The Atlas Showroom MAN show with Our Legacy and HOPE spring 2013

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Let me tell you, it was a rough trip. View from my hotel room. /lifestyle

Words and photos by Pete Anderson

Last trip to NY, I--poor unfortunate soul that I am--was holed up in the Standard. While merely floors above me, models lounged around submitting negative Yelp reviews of the rooftop bar, I hung out in my room pressing hams for the tourists on the High Line. On breaks, I wandered around Meatpacking and the West Village. On my way to brunch at Minetta Tavern, I noticed a sign for the Atlas Showroom's MAN show. I had a lot of appointments booked for SF coverage but the MAN show was not one of them. After putting away some "ham in hay" and duck hash from Minetta, I strolled back to toward the hotel and decided to drop in on the show. On the floor I ran into Hannes and Simon Hogeman, on a buying/leisure trip for Tres Bien Shop, who had just been browsing the high-ceilinged, skylit Industria Superstudio, where their associates from Our Legacy were showing off OL spring 2013. Much more low-key than Capsule, which this season sprawled across a dozen or more courts at Basketball City, the MAN show felt more intimate, even if it buzzed a little less.

The best of MAN to me were the Scandinavian pair of Our Legacy and Hope, two lines that have had time time to mature in the last couple of years and which season to season offer reliably well-cut European standards (i.e., looser knits, tapered pants) but still manage to surprise a little with every collection. Hope, who have a very successful women's line of art-school-appropriate, restrained clothing, showed columnar tailoring in fine wools, but more interesting were a spattered, band collar shirt, an aggressive rider's jacket, and washed leather accessories. Spring in Sweden looks like it's a lot more comfortable than spring where I call home, south of the Mason Dixon line.

Go ahead, stretch out those shoulders. It's the look. (3)

The washed leather electronics cases and portfolios were rad.

Against the quiet palette of the collection, this shirt stood out as a layering piece with personality.

Our Legacy had the “great sweats,” chinos, and other staples that have become gateway drugs to the brand for men worldwide, but like for the last few years OL's stuff is more intriguing when it gets less Ikea-esque in its basicness. From one rack a sweatshirt smiled at me. Glittery trainers like Airwalk's old jim shoes made the other new sneaker models look even more sophisticated. Our Legacy's tailoring has always been extra casual, like the idea of tailored clothing for people who will never care what “sleeve pitch” means, but this season's looked closer to tradition than before. We've come to expect great fabrics from OL, and acid dye shirts and woven patterns took up that theme for next spring.

A subtle McNairy influence?

Nicely done 4x2 db.

No dress shoes here, just track shoe and tennis style trainers.
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I like the souvenir jacket - very Drive.

Eating at the Minetta Tavern - Tough life.
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Yeah, want to try this at home someday:
Fergus Henderson: “The cooking of the meat in the hay also imbues it with the most wonderful and unusual flavour, while insulating the ham from any fierce heat so that it cooks in the ideal gentle fashion, resulting in the most giving of flesh. It also fills your home with rustic, pastoral smells. To obtain your hay ask a friendly farmer if one is to hand or just ask around – this can have surprisingly productive results. If all else fails a reliable pet shop is a good source.

You will need a pot large enough to fit a leg of bacon! A big bundle of hay (organic, for obvious reasons), 10 juniper berries, 14 black peppercorns, 10 cloves, 6 bay leaves, 1 leg of green gammon (hind leg, unsmoked bacon, with bone in).

In a big pot make a base of hay, sprinkle on your spices and bay leaves, and lay the ham in your hay nest. Cover with more hay around and on top. Cover with water, Bring to the boil then straight away turn down to the gentlest simmer. Put a lid on and cook either in the oven or on top, making sure that it is not boiling too fast. Cook until tender all the way through, check by probing with a thin sharp knife, 3½-4½ hours. The hay is sadly not edible.

Serve with swede mash (if possible made with goose or duck fat). The pink ham and the orange swede look like a sunset on a plate."
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Really love what HOPE has been putting out.

Torn that I did not pick up the long shorts from last season

That bomber...
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