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Business Student looking for a nice suit in Toronto

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I  am starting university this fall for a business program, so I need a suit to wear for events, presentations,  co-op job interviews, etc. I'm 185 cm (almost 6'1) tall, 39" chest, 32" waist. I would like a fitted suit and care for quality and looking professional much more than style and uniqueness. My budget is 200-400 dollars. Unfortunately I am currently busy with a part-time and university preparations to drive to Buffalo, so I like to find a store in Toronto. I want to get the best quality possible for my budget. What do you recommend? Thanks for your advice.

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For your budget you will have to settle for low end but it will do the job.
Zara and H&M carry wool suits, some in super 100's. You can get a nice everyday suit for $250.
Moores and International Clothiers also sell low to mid range suits.
At the $500 mark try Brooks Brothers (Royal Bank Plaza location)
If you or a friend owns a car, get out to the Heartland Centre in Mississauga or Vaughan Mills Centre. They are both clearance centres.
If you want something decent, try to have $600 (taxes in) available.
The cheapest of all solutions, and I do mean dirt cheap, would be thrift stores. you can easily buy a decent used suit for $20 and have it dry cleaned. Used shirts run for $6 and up, ties for $4 each, etc. but you'll have to scour the stores every day until you hit gold.
At this point in your life (and budget) any of the above suggestions will easily get you through.

Here is some further reading
Each of the suggestions there has in turn, a link to read more. Read the comments for each of those suggestions.
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I would also recommend the Hugo Boss outlet store at Vaughn Mills. You can usually find a Boss suit for $200-400. They fit slim and have nice fabrics in some cases.
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Winners and Marshalls have suits for under 300. But YMMV depending on locations.
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do some searching around the forums since there are threads already about this, so that's one source.

otherwise, for under $400, +1 to the above rec's for Zara, H&M, Club Monaco (on sale + 20% off with student card), etc.

if you need help, PM me and we'll chat since I do some wardrobe consulting.
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