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Yeah, I hear you, but it's still absurd. The ability to deploy a blade does not make it more lethal. Knives are sharp pointy objects. Any sharp pointy object can be used in an offensive manner. I suspect they simply outlawed them because they were popular with certain gangs, which gives them the excuse to arrest said gang members.

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Hence why one shouldn't carry one around clipped to your belt...even if the "knife" part was in your pocket.
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Hence why citizens shouldn't allow absurd laws.

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The law he was charged with bans "Gravity Knives", which were a kind of switchblade where the knife blade is deployed by gravity (you hold it upside down and release the catch and the blade pops out and locks). They were used for knife fighting (though had their origins with the Luftwaffe as escape knives), which is why a law was passed to ban them. The NYPD applies that old law to ordinary folding knives, presumably to pad arrest stats not because anyone is fighting with them.

Yes, think Jets vs. Sharks.

If the poor kid was minding his own business and not weirdly flaunting the knife this seems pretty arbitrary - you see loads of guys (albeit, mostly construction worker-types) on the subway w/ a visible clip that you know is attached to a (non-visible) knife; and I bet many exceed the whatever-it-is size limit (3" blade?confused.gif). My theory is that cops don't bother them (as long as they're minding their own business) out of a kind of blue-collar solidarity
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people would know to just pull your hair and you'll be out for the count.
Oddly I actually like my hair being pulled. It relives tension. If they scuffed my shoe I'd cry like a baby though.
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Originally Posted by gomestar View Post

And don't worry, nobody is anticipating a Piob visit to NYC.

It's going to happen one day and I am expecting epic contributions from SF members.
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What do you consider a "contribution"?
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I've carried scary looking knives--knives that look like Samurai swords--on the Subway down to Korin to get sharpened. Are you saying that I was at risk of arrest all that time? Or am I so whitebread looking that cops don't bother to notice me?
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Amidst the more serious discussion I hope it's okay with a last question before my trip. Basically it's if I'm visiting the right shops?


So far I'm planning on going to:
Kith (for a new pair of sneakers)
Nike Sportswear

Uniqlo (for basics)

And maybe these:
Opening Ceremony

Steven Alan


I'm not really into CM stuff, but are there any of the shops I definitely should/shouldn't go to or some awesome shop I completely missed?

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Blue in Green if you are into denim.
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Air down here (downtown) quite smoky - fire/explosion/bldg collapse 2nd & St Marks....frown.gif
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perfect day to enter the East Village for my haircut
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