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It isn't. If you're 11.


It's a novelty cookie that becomes sickening after the third bite. Milkbar made a better cookie, but that was a few years ago. Not sure what's good now.



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cookies like that give me a stomach ache after bite 3.

edit: late to the party
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Originally Posted by lefty View Post

Yes. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.

I've heard him. He's pretty good, but the best part is, as you noted, the way it takes you a while to realize it is an act and he is not (exclusively) a raving loon.
I also like his parting line.
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Pick up when you leave?


I don't want to make too much out of it, but the transition was so smooth it reminded me of Vanya on 42nd St where you couldn't quite tell where the BTS making of the play ended and the actual play began.


If I owned a comedy club I would have offered him a 7 minute set. 



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I'm expecting company
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Originally Posted by NickCarraway View Post

We'll be on the UWS (Broadway & 77th) for a few days next week.  We'd appreciate any tips on eateries, markets, craft-beer bars, etc.

Would appreciate Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down on some of the places that pop up in the travel guides...

Zignone Brothers
West Side Market
Good Enough To Eat
Levain Bakery
Tavern On The Green
Cafe Lalo
Artie's Deli
Amsterdam Ale House
George Keeley


Cafe Lalo is a fun place but can get loud.

I like Levain, but eating 1 cookie gives me food coma.

Salumeria Rossi has a good home made porchetta. hummus Place has good hummus and coucous.

The Tavern on the Green newly reopened and is a nice place for drinks but I prefer it when you can sit outside.

I like Alice's Teacup. It's a place where mothers take their daughters but I like the scones and sandwiches.
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Alice's is nice.
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I've been to George Keeley on my last New York Trip, it has a really nice beer list.
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Do you really live in a place called Mellonville? It makes me think of giant tits.
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Is Johnny LaRue still on the Melonville city council?



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How is FIKI coffee in lower manhattan? A good friend raves about it. Just wondering if anybody here has tried it and their opinion of it.
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I've never been there, but I hate it based on the name alone.
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I hope someone shoots me in the face if I ever consider traveling for coffee.
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You probably have no choice in Houston. Do you drink oil to wake up in the morning? (#6)
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I'm not sure what the #6 refers to. Yes, yummy oil.

In Houston just as in NYC, I would never make a trip out of getting coffee. Taking your pick of local places downstairs is one thing (I have just as many available here as in NYC by the way), going to a different neighborhood for a cup sounds cray cray to me.
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