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Originally Posted by archetypal_yuppie View Post

Most people up North have caricature impressions of Houston (and Texas more broadly) in mind, have spent little or no time here, and enjoy putting it down. It's perplexing because a lot of it is divorced from reality.

pBooth, I believe that - you're almost comically NYC.

FYI, the reason I moved here was because I wanted to move here. I worked out the job stuff to suit that goal. Not a dense-urbanite's cup of tea, but I was after:
-Economy better
-Everything cheaper
-Superior housing a.k.a my residence would be $10 trillion if located in NYC
-Much easier to travel
-Much easier to play sports of every variety
-Nicer people
-Fewer tourists
-Less gov't/taxes

Front door to desk (downtown) is ~15 mins, about as long as my walk to work was in NYC.

Man, I don't read this thread for a week and then there's a bunch of discussion of Houston. I didn't realize you had relocated here. Welcome, and I'm glad you enjoyed the rather mild summer as your first!

I'm actually from here but always planned to return for all the reasons you mentioned. Another reason Houston gets a lot of hate is that most people who come here on business don't see the more appealing parts of the city.

I can recall at least a half dozen times in Manhattan where I have sweated through nice clothes so severely that it looked like I had been caught in a storm. I can't recall a single such occurrence in Houston.
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I spent a good deal of time in Houston for work some years back. I hated it -- but mostly for reasons that are specific to being a visitor (and perhaps in particular to being a business visitor). None of them (except maybe the weather - my baseline is Los Angeles rather than NYC) are any sort of rebuttal to the points a_yuppie and TC raise.
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