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My son's classmate told her mother (admiringly) that he really knows how to employ a "well placed 'motherfucker'." And he does, because he knows when to use the big guns and when doing so would get him in trouble.
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My parents never withheld any sort of language from me. They took me to see rated R movies and such. Now look at me, I'm the most well-fucking-adjusted 29 year old in America.
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Maybe it had some sort of reversed effect and why you project this almost Puritan, sober image, with the uniform wardrobe and wearing suits on weekends and whatnot

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Habitual behavior leaves my mind to think about more important things.
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like bed time?
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I was really tired last Friday! Come on! Fuck you!
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must have been hard. especially if you were travelling to start the week, then moved your 5th floor walkup to Brooklyn with 2 friends, and then started a new job.

oh, right, that was me.
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Boohoo! I did start a new job though too.
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You both started new jobs?  Congrats guys

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Hey thanks. We can hold hands at our desks now.
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You guys working together now?  : /

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It was a joak.
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things spotted on the L train: a woman taking birth control, and then reading "memoirs of a geisha"
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This morning I went to workout at 5:15 or so, and half of North America's raccoon population was in the middle of a potluck dinner on our street's trash. It's probably indicative of a typical New York conditioning process towards dirty rodents that I waved and said hello to all of them.
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