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Hate to say it, but I actually think motorcycle drivers are douchebags in the city. In a city that is loud enough it is so obnoxious.
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no, you don't hate to say it, you're just trying to tread lightly. NYC motorcycle drivers are almost exclusively douche bags.
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Not this guy. He's so cool. At least he isn't one of those native meatballs with tons of tattoos with a shaved head and a goatee.
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another thing on wheels I can't stand - trucks. Not all trucks, but WTF is up with these trucks that have terribly constructed beds and/or container vessels (My truck lingo is not up to street cred). Any little bump and they shake with a massive noise. But of course, there's never a little bump, and so these fucking things sound like rolling thunderstorms. Unbearably annoying.
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I think the deeper issue is the crummy roads. Pretty much every front end of city vehicles are shot.
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I can see some of the reason for the lack of upkeep - why pour money into a side street that using a car on would inevitably give you slower transportation?
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I do think the residential streets could use some speed bumps. In my neighborhood the hoodlums in their 20 year old loud exhaust POS are out of hand.
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had a bit of a survival fail last night. "Whoever's smoke alarm has been going off for 10 minutes, they need to fix that shit. Fucking annoying. And who decided to put out a candle without doing the wax dip after? Shit stinks."
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What kind of shit ditch do you live in that you can smell candles in other units?
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i don't mean candles, i mean the strong smell that happens after you blow them out and they smoke for a few moments. No, i can't smell them from other units, which is why it's a survival fail on my part.

and no, it wasn't a candle, there was an actual fire.
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Well, summer is here.
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beach time, assholes.
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Amen, heading to the redneck riviera next Tuesday and can't wait.
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Was one of you gents on the C train heading uptown last Tuesday at 8 PM, got off at 96th street? Wearing panama hat, blue sport coat, tan trousers, tan shortwing oxfords, and a olive drab LL Bean tote.
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