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Help me recreate this style: Blue faced Omega watch with red leather band.

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This Omega Seamaster (2517.80.00) is one of the best looking watches I have ever seen.
I really like the deep blue face, and the contrast of the dark cherry red band
I also like the simplicity of the face: lack of excessive numbers, dials, and chronographs.

I do not approve of $3000 designer watches, so does anyone know how I can cheaply replicate this style?

First, where can I buy a strap that looks like that?
Please post links. I can use a leather substitute. Cheaper the better.
I like the croc pattern, the reddish/brown color, and the exposed stitching.

How about this?

What about something from here?
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Watch straps come in mm sizes, for example mine is 18mm. Sometimes watches that have a metal strap just don't look right with a leather one. It's all to do with the pin mountings, metal strapped watches tend to have beefier pin mountings and might look strange so it'll be trial and error I'm afraid. Where I live, cobblers tend to sell watch straps, worth a try?

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I agree about the potential mismatch of trying to replace a steel band.
This watch below seems to have a thinner pin mounting section, similar to the original Omega pictured.
It even comes stock with a leather band.

I think a red band is too subtle to try ordering online.
I want the patina of this dark red, not some flat bright red band that looks female.
I will check out some local stores.
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Originally Posted by Reevolving View Post



This is so nice looking.

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You can't replicate this style and this is not a "designer" watch. 


If you like this style, I suggest a new Omega Aquaterra (comes with an in-house 8500 calibre).  The dial is even more stunning. The bracelet is awesome.  Then combine it with whatever strap you choose.




Of course you can imitate this style, but trust me imitation is going to be just that: an attempt to look like something authentic while clearly not being it.

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Imitate. Replicate. Semantics.

"Designer" as in overpriced.

The black watch you posted looks like any other $100 Seiko.
The magic of this watch is the dark blue face contrasting with dark reddish band.
You certainly don't need to drop $4000 to accomplish that.
Style does not need to be purchased.

Your concerns about "authentic" are unfounded because no one knows what's it's modeled after.
No one is doing a side by side. The imitation will just need to stand up on its own.
It may look better or it may look worse. It's all about personal preference.
Only one thing is certain, that it will only cost about 4% of the cost of the Omega while looking mostly the same.
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Since you are a fan of that particular band you have one huge advantage. When buying a pre owned or vintage Omega you will find that the ones for sale with no band command MUCH less in the market. You should be able to find the watch itself for $500-$750 with a little work. After that a good jeweler can order the face, appx. $100.00 and the band is easily found on eBay once you have the watch and can measure it properly. Most Omegas like this will be around 20-22mm. The whole project should be able to be completed for less than 1K and you will have a watch that is worth roughly the same if you should ever want something different. Try and do a copy and you might as well throw money out the window.

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Apollo, thanks for the insight. Good to know.
Are you saying I can order the exact same blue Aquaterra face even though it's discontinued?
What kind of Omega would I need to search for?

I like the Seiko b/c it has a smaller 37mm diameter face.
And the entire watch costs the same as just an Omega face.
Plus, it's not a project. It's just installing a band.

For $100, I don't mind the sunk cost.
It can be disposable if I grow tired of it.
And there is certainly an Ebay market for used Seiko's,
so I disagree that it's money tossed out of the window.
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Face is sapphire, looks black in pictures. Might be slightly too small. That Seiko 5 in OP is far too small. 5mm on a watch face is a tremendously large difference
Has some extra bullshit on the bezel, is 42mm

Straps are all over, find something 20mm that you like
The Omega you posted has a deployment, if you want to do the same thing, be sure to match the deployment to the width at the BUCKLE not at the (20mm) LUG
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The Omega is Sapphire, and looks blue in the photos.

What official color do you think that original band is?
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You're looking for a band in the color "cordovan" or "burgundy". Shouldn't be hard to find. And the sekio you posted is a fine option. If you want something similar in an automatic, you can find a sekio five for under $100 with a blue face, I've been eying this one off and on.

And I absolutely encourage the smaller dial. Anything over 40mm looks fairly ridiculous to my eye, and anything about 38 or so won't fit on my wrist, though I'm a fairly small guy.

As for where to find the watch strap, Jewelry stores often have them, especially ones that advertize their watch business, or specialty watch stores. You'll probably want a nicer one than the cheap timex replacements drugstores tend to carry.
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And there are a couple watch band companies that specialize in deployant clasp straps, that would be a really nice touch.

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The trick with to this whole thing is the watch band.
I fear just "cordovan" or "burgundy" is not going to cut it.
I think I need something more specific.
Just look at the sheen and patina of that band.. It's got to be DARK.
I stopped by a low grade jewelry store and it had cheap looking bands.
It's easy for the band to be a flat matte red, or just be too bright, and just not have the "pop" that the Omega does.

I also have smaller wrists, so it's all the more reason to stay smaller.
Large watches look low class to my eye.

I don't need the deployant unless it adds to the look.
But, since it's underneath your wrist, I assume it's mostly hidden.
Is the idea to save wear and tear on the strap?
Apollo, can you name a few online sites that sell these bands?

Cptjeff, I think the Seiko you posted is a little too casual/busy for this particular look.
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Here are a couple sources for Deployant straps and clasps......


I have not used either, the first one looks very interesting. I think you will be very happy if you make this extra effort to use a clasp like this, it really adds something to the watch even if you can't readily see it.

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