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Montreal or Vancouver?

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In October I have four days off of work in a row (the 18th through the 19th), so I was planning on doing a bit of traveling. Because it's difficult to get from where I live to anywhere outside of Canada, I've managed to narrow it down to either Vancouver or Montreal. So, I put it to Styleforum, where should I go?
I'm mostly interested in eating a few good meals, seeing some museums and art galleries, doing a bit of shopping (I lean more toward the SW&D side of the forum), and perhaps seeing a bit of live music. I'll be staying either downtown in Montreal, or near the Children's & Women's Health Centre in Vancouver; despite that, I'll mostly be relying on public transportation.
Based on all that, where would be the better choice? Feel free to leave suggestions as to where to eat, where to shop, what to see.

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Vancouver/Victoria is nicer but Montreal has better food. It's very easy to get around Montreal since it's small and everything worth going to is on a select couple of streets. I lived in Montreal for years and it's a bit hard for me to imagine wanting to visit there as a tourist. There's really not much to the city itself, though living there is pleasant since it's got a good food culture, it's cheap to live in, etc. Old montreal is nice but you're done in an afternoon.

I was never super impressed by Montreal's art galleries but I don't know anything about Vancouver's. Fuuma is probably a better person to comment either way since I'm not really an art person.
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In Vancouver you'll be a 30 minute walk from the South Granville area, which has a high concentration of art galleries.
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From the interests you are mentioning, I think Montreal may be a better destination than Vancouver.
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