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Work from Home, Style Dilemma, Help Please!

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I've lurked the forums for a while now but I thought I'd post this and see if I can get any help with my ongoing style issues.


First a bit of backstory...


I recently turned 30, and want to start dressing more professional.

I work at home from a desk (Media/Marketing). Sitting in an office chair all day rules out Jeans (way to uncomfortable for a guy).

I live in a smaller city in Canada. Having too much fun with fashion would make me feel uncomfortable.



What I'm doing now...

A lot of J.Crew. I'm an addict. Just fits right and great quality for the price.

Summer, I feel underdressed in a t-shirt and chino shorts. Gets pretty boring. Not sure how to dress this UP.

Winter, I feel overdressed in crisp chinos and dress shirts (usually patterned). Not sure how to dress this DOWN.



So how do I get that just right professional take my job seriously yet practical, work from home so make my own rules look?


Any tips greatly appreciated!

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You seem to be doing more than most who work from home.

When I was a freelancer I mostly only got dressed to leave the apartment. Lots of work was done wearing sweats or PJs.
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I have the same situation (and am in Canada too).

While I can't comment specifically on your choices I do try up my game, even at home.

I find it helps me to at least get out there door at some point in the day, either to pick up a paper or take the kids to school. While I for sure don't wear a jacket or a tie around the house I do default to a more stylish casual. Rarely do I default just to comfort.

Keep the faith!icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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That's great, someone knows.

I have for sure done it. But then when you have to answer the door. Or run an errand.

I'd like to be able to stay in the same set of clothes for the whole day.

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I've found I'm more productive if I'm dressed for success so to speak. Anything that helps to stay focused the better.


So what is your typical then FaceofBoh?


What about Shoes?

In cooler weather I go to oxfords or casual black boots but summer it's usually white runners or sandals.

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All cotton, all the time. 

I have some slim chinos from Club Monaco. I picked up some slim cotton light blue pants from Top Man at the beginning of the season. A little fashion forward because you can see my ankles. 
I also got some madras J Crew pants to go with one madras shorts I already had. 

I pair these other cotton shirts, generally with the sleeves rolled up. 1 white t-shirt is thrown into the mix. 

Shoes are usually white converse or loafers. I have some AE have dark brown suede oxfords I sometimes wear, wiandorra without socks. I have some of those socks that just slip over the toe and heel 'cause I can't abide bare feet in shoes. 

Summer is so short and intense up here I try to make the most of it.
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When working from home a jacket and tie is simply self serving. It would be like wearing a football helmet to watch the Sunday game. However nothing says you can't look good no matter where you are. What is a person to do when an unexpected guest comes over? Magically insert oneself into stylish clothes? No, always be able to answer looking respectable enough to confidently greet a colleague. In Canada, where the weather is colder, it is perfectly acceptable to wear a dress shirt with a sweater around the house. Comfortable trousers and house shoes might be a good bet also. If you want to be even more casual you can still wear a t shirt but make it a v neck in some interesting colors with chinos and house shoes. During warmer weather I will sometimes wear something similar so that if I need to go out I can slip on some shoes and a flat cap and be on my way.

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You are fine, as is.

What you need to do is stop persuing Styleforum, which will give you ideas that's completely unreastic and unsuitable for your situation.
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