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Thoughts on Ike Behar shirts

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So some of these at TJmaxx and Off 5th Ave. outlet stores. I can pick up some good colors for about $40-50. They feel real good to the touch. I normally wear Michael Kors, Sean John, Ralph Lauren and Claiborne. They look like Oxford style, non button downs.

Edit: Shirts are normally $150 a pop. Never bought this high end of a shirt as noted above. I usually pay about $20-30 for a $50-70 shirt.
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I recently bought a few at Century 21 and they are nice. Fit is good. I have several from Brooks Bros. that I prefer. I think my next purchase will be tailor made....
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The are pretty baggy through the body. However, I've always been impressed by the fabric. They are well-made with split yokes and thick buttons. For $40-50, go for it. Certainly a step up, construction-wise, from what you've been wearing.
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Nothing spectacular but not offensive either. If you can get them for under $75 a piece its a good value.
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A discount store here had some that ultimately dropped to less than $20. There was one I liked OK but I didn't want to pay $25 for it.
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If the shoulders fit and you like the fit around your stomach, that's a good deal.
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One of my tailors offers a MTM program through them for $150 per shirt. Theres no minimum order but no sample either. The tailor takes all the measurments (20, i think in all). I havent tried it yet but will probably give it a shot next time im there.
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I bought a few for 65$ a piece and then had them taken in at the waist for 20$. For an 85$ investment, they are great shirts

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Out of curiosity, what brand of shirts do you guys considered "top notch" that's not tailor made?

All this makes me wonder about the true cost of clothing...
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