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Dear Styleforum,


Long time reader, first time poster. Haven't made a decision about a good coat, blazer or pair of shoes without you guys.


I am currently after a pair of Chelsea boots. I've narrowed it down to a pair of Crockett & Jones Chelsea 3s or Chelsea 8s (in black). Unfortunately, I am a long long way from the nearest shop and can't find any other photographs of the two other than what they have on their site (the photographs that they have on their site are lit quite dramatically, and I can't get a good sense of the toe shape). The 3s have a squarer toe, and seem to be the more conventional, while the 8s have a slimmer, pointier toe. I am looking for whatever is closest in shape to a pair of Church's brogues that I own, which you can see a photograph of here. If any of you own a pair of these boots, it would help me immensely to see photographs of them in the wild, particularly the 8s, which seem to be the rarer of the two. If that isn't possible, a simple opinion would also be a great help.

Any and all help is much appreciated,