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Hey guys, a friend of mine bought a few crates at an estate sale.  When we opened it up there were hundreds of suits / jackets / shirts inside of them.


I am not really educated on this stuff, and have no idea what we have.  I took some pictures of the labels of the things that I was able to fit into, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they were.  If this goes well maybe I can continue to post what all I found.


Thanks in advance!


The first is a jacket, it just says "Brooks" not sure exactly what it is made out of, feels like a suede?



Second is a jacket, those were the only markings on the inside.



Third and fourth is a green plaid like jacket, I really like the color, but the shoulder pads are HUGE (can they be reduced?)



Fifth is a full length coat, with that red and black look on the inside.



Sixth is also a full length coat.





Last is a White Jacket


Thanks again!