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Alternatives to Rayban RB2132 New Wayfarer 52mm (smaller frame) ?

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My 52mm RB2132 Wayfarers fell off my head as I flew my plane into a hammerhead stall.
With one hand on the yoke, and the other trying to catch that pigeon, I was not able to save the glasses.

These are the only sunglasses I have ever found with a smaller, tastefully sized frame.
While I need to buy something new, are there other alternatives to check out, or do I just replace what I had?
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I had the small-framed original Wayfarers and replaced them with these (though I recall your distaste for Persol in the past, so they might not be your style). Either way, get a pair of croakies for when you're flying. They will save you the trouble of issues like this.
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How do you compare the P's to the RB's?
What made you switch?

The black Persol actually looks better than the all-too-common RB in black
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I prefer the fit of the Persols on my head. They seem to have stronger hinges and better construction than the RBs. By the time I retired my RBs (granted, after about 5 years of wearing), they were super stretched out to the point that they wobbled as I wore them. I had to take them to a optometrist to have them heat and mold the plastic frames so they would stay on my face. After about a year and a half of wear the Persols show no signs of wear and tear and the hinges are springy and firm.

I also prefer Persol polarized lenses to RB. While both are made by Luxottica, I swear that Persols have a far superior lens quality, especially with polarized lenses. At the end of the day perceived lens quality has led me to Persol. Even if there is no real difference, I feel a difference when I wear them, so that's all that matters to me.

I have the 2953 and the 714 and love them both. However, after trying them on I would highly suggest buying Persols off of eBay. I got both pairs for around $120-$150. The markups on glasses are ridiculous and there are several reputable sunglass dealers on the bay that come highly recommended. There are a few threads that name them, though I can't remember which ones.
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If I buy another pair of RB New Wayfarers, I will pay $125 at the Hut.
I don't really see anything much cheaper than that on Ebay anyway.

Anyone know the legit Persol sellers on Ebay?
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