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Are Matt & Kim worth seeing live?

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So Matt & Kim are coming to my town. Have a chance to get pretty good seats. I missed their most recent album, but really liked Grand. Are they worth seeing live? Difficulty - it's on a Tuesday night, so no intoxicants.

If you are coming into this thread to point out how shitty my taste in music is, please feel free to post at great length. You will undoubtedly convince me that your musical taste is vastly superior.

If you are coming post how you liked Matt & Kim when they were embryonic, but think they've sold out, then I applaud your discerning tastes and edginess. Please post in great detail about this as well.
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Definitely. Great show. Im seeing them for the 2nd time in October
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Does this have something to do with the Kardashians confused.gif
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I would go.

One of my biggest musical regrets is not seeing their set when they played lollapalooza in 2010. I can't even remember what I saw instead but the people I know who saw them said it was super awesome and the few videos I have seen looked like a blast.
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I shall go. Thank you.
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They're fun as hell. Great energy.
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I missed out on a show in Sydney a couple of years back, and my buddy who went said I had missed out on a truly unforgettable evening.

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i agree, if you are familiar with their music and the tix aren't overly priced, they are great live performers. they do have great energy. i hope the venue is positive as well. i saw them at Austin City Limits (texas) just a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the whole performance (although the show was short).
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