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First time - Tailored Shirt HK

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I am heading over to Hong Kong in a few weeks for 6 day and friend told me that I should look into getting some shirts made while I am over there since I've always tell him I struggle to find shirts that fit me off the rack.


Anyways this is my first time ever doing something like this and I guess I am looking for advice on what I should be looking out for and how to go about it. 
If I can get shirts that fit me nicely, I honestly wont mind spending ~1000HKD per a shirt.


I guess before asking for recommendation and advice, is 6 days enough to get a few shirts made or generally takes longer?


If that is sufficient time, then I guess please provide me with some of your wisdom and knowledge please.

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Hmm... seem to be a lot of people going to HK for some tailoring at the moment.

Have you looked at the Hong Kong Tailors Thread? Plenty of useful info there.
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6 days is enough. Do you have any particular tailor in mind? Ascot Chang is perhaps the best in HK for shirts but they start at $150USD.
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you can easily have shirts make in 6 days. I second the Ascot Chang recommendation, you won't find a better shirt maker than AC in Hong Kong.
I would start by ordering one shirt and choosing an relatively inexpensive fabric to begin with, once they nail your pattern than order the rest of your shirts.
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