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Hi all,

I'm in dire need of a good-looking sport coat, and I tend to favor slimmer, European cuts. My problem is that I'm 6 foot 3 (around 180 lbs), and a lot of the styles I'm attracted to are from lines that don't come in long sizes (I usually wear a 42L). Not to mention that so many sport coats are two button rather than three- not a deal-breaker, but I find that three-button jackets work better on my frame. (All my suits are three button). To top it off, I am a little picky about styling- I want something in a neutral, medium-to-dark brown grey or charcoal, with some kind of texturing but not a window-pane pattern. Something like this prada sport coat would be ideal, style and color-wise (but I don't want to spend that kind of money on Prada, and besides, it's not in my size)


Anyone have any ideas where to look? I had high hopes for suit supply, but I was in NYC and dropped by and none of the cuts quite worked on me- the longs are too slim, the regulars too short.


many thanks!