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Computer help needed

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i don't know much about computers but i figure that someone here might be able to help me. my computer seems to have a virus that cannot be remedied. avg recognized it but was unable to remove it. eventually avg stopped functioning. i have lavasoft adware 6.0 and everytime i run it it tells me i have 80-90 new things that need repairing. can someone recommend a good website where i can download a good anti-virus program? i've used cnet in the past but i think the stuff i got from them caused more problems than they fixed. thanks in advance.
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I've been using Norton System Works for a few months now and am very happy with it. Not only does it have a kick ass virus protection program, that gets updates every week, but it has Utilities to help you make your computer run better and Web Tools to help with many web problems. I hear your problems- my computer was giving me many problems and when I ran Norton for the first time it found about 10-15 viruses. Nothing serious but pesky none the less.
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Recently, my computer has had a virus that periodically opens porn sites in new windows when I click a hyperlink. I'll also find some of the sites added to my favorites. Needless to say, it gets very frustrating. I downloaded two programs, and they've helped. The first is Ad Aware 6.0, and the other is called Bazooka.
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yes i'm having the same problem. not the porn sites, but i had a bunch of sites added to my favorites. the strange thing is these are big companies like walmart, dell, ebay, etc... and my homepage keeps getting switched to some cheesy looking search engine. i've tried everything i can think of and nothing helps. i'll check out bazooka.
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and my homepage keeps getting switched to some cheesy looking search engine. i've tried everything i can think of and nothing helps. i'll check out bazooka.
I forgot to mention that. When I first connected to the Internet, I set my homepage as Yahoo; however, the same time the pop-ups started appearing, my computer would reset my homepage every time I opened Internet Explorer to something called "Search Space," I believe. Bazooka should do the trick. Good luck.
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I just fixed this problem for someone today. The likely source is a trojan called "CoolWebSearch" and you can get rid of it pretty easily. Go here and check out their info. Get SpyBot and run that, AdAware is good, and then Hijackthis is another good diagnostic tool if you still have problems. You will want to use the first two, then if the problem isn't fixed, run Hijackthis and paste the log into a forum that deals with this sort of problem. I can't say I'll volunteer to check out the HJT log because I don't really understand it as well as some do, but there are lots of people who seem to be very willing to help out against the browser hijackers.
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thanks for the info j. it was the coolweb. i got rid of it through the site you gave me but i still have other problems going on. i already had ad-aware and spybot on my computer before, but i seem to have some virus which is disabling them. i have a friend who'll know what to do, so i'm taking the computer to him tomorrow. thanks for the help everyone. navystyles, i tried bazooka but it wanted me to get rid of everything manually which is a bit much for me.
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