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Advice on first blazer choices?

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Hello all,


I've taken to scouring ebay and B&S here for my first classic navy blazer because it's been very difficult finding something in my size and of quality in my budget($200-$300). However, I am not quite experienced or knowledgeable enough to be able to tell what a really good deal is.


I found this Corneliani which I've researched and understand to be one of the top high-end makers, but I still feel skeptical of the low price (even given the ebay seller's high ratings[didn't find him in the B&S ebay sellers thread list] and the option for a return).


Here are a couple other ebay finds I've collected, a Dior and a Marzotto.


My other options would be a C'e Luca blazer I've found here for about twice the price, and for comparison's sake the sale offers currently at Macy's.


I'd appreciate any help and advice,

and apologies if this is the wrong place to post this

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This is absolutely the correct place to pose the question. Welcome aboard.

The good news is that I see nothing that suggests that the Corneliani is fake. The bad news is that it (to me at least) appears to be an orphaned suit jacket rather than a blazer. The Dior is a blazer, but very dated. I'm afraid I have no experience with Marzotto.

If you can stretch your budget a little bit and be patient, I'd suggest obtaining the Brooks Brothers discount card (search the forum) and waiting for an 1818 to go on sale. Within your budget, the Anderson-Little blazer gets fair reviews, though I've never seen one in person and remain skeptical of the fabric.
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Searching for "Marzotto Linea Oro" only returns eBay listings and the pics are conspicuously small. They are hiding something. Steer clear.
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