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Originally Posted by RDiaz View Post

This thread makes me remember how eagerly I'm waiting for fall to return....

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Ok, so rust (and it's close relative, "vicuna") is not the most versatile color for an SC, but it's a cool color to look at.
Thinking about picking up a new Canali in rust with patch pockets.
Grey and khaki trousers are the only combinations I can think of. (Possibly denim?)
Any other good fit pics? Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Don't have any pics to back it up, but I think dark brown trousers could potentially work with a SC that's the right shade of rust.
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Originally Posted by aj_del View Post

But where is the rust on this page ?
This is what I understand by rust,

You need to fix your monitor
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Just returned from my fitting at Graham Browne in London. I have requested a number of adjustments (specifically, the shape of the waist; the thighs and sleeves to remove some of the fullness; the seat of the trousers to have them fall more neatly. I don't think that's a true button pull, but then I am taking a lot of headache pills today), but as this is SF, I'll invite interested parties to offer their own (no nitpicks) and I can bring them up with the tailors when I visit them again soon

The photographs don't serve the faille wool material very well and Photoshop couldn't bring them to life either (it's an admittedly harshly lit shop), but I think the colour is almost accurate, in both cases:

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Vox's recent contribution. Not quite a true rust, but in the same colorway/spirit, IMHO.

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