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Most RTW sleeves are 17" in length and if you shorten by 3" you would have a length of 14" which is very, very uncommon to have such a short sleeve length. My hunch is 3" is more than you need to shorten the sleeve. The issue you run into when you cut the sleeve from the top is the sleeve gets more narrow as you move down the sleeve and you lose width on the top sleeve and it reduces the amount of fullness to baste into the sleeves resulting in a misfit of the sleeve into the armholes. If the top sleeve is too narrow it could create divots and tension in the upper sleeve. Take it to a tailor who knows how to fit/cut sleeves and see what he says. Regardless of what you will find out from this thread you need someone who can actually do the work.
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Chris, did you mean 17" for standard sleeves?
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Yes, measured along the underarm seam
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Originally Posted by MZhammer View Post


My tailor, TopShelf in Minneapolis, also offers the "cut job" which I elected to pursue when I bought a Zegna SC off here that was incorrectly measured and was 2" too long on working button holes (which were poorly done by the original owner too)


Only use this option as a last resort but on an SC its not the end of the world for an otherwise good jacket.

Am I the only one who thinks the "cut job" looks pretty cool? The stitching here seems to not match the stitching on the sleeves, but given this were not an issue does anyone actually prefer this look?

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I have a Prada cotton suit with a very, very similar sleeve. I like it, it's a different thing, and seeing as it's a light tan near tonal stripe casual suit it works out fine. I'm not positive it'd be good on a more formal or business suit but it probably would be.
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