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polishing leather/suede sneakers advice

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I have these sneakers:'marlin'_sneaker_(men):353394&cm_pla=shoes:men:sneaker&cm_ven=pricegrabber&mr:referralID=6b030d12-ec5c-11e1-b779-001b2166c62d

The suede details are very slim and there isnt much nap on the suede. Can I just go in for a regular polish or should I have them do something to steer clear of polishing the suede details. I dont want to polish these myself as I have no patience. Do shoe shine places do something out of the ordinary for a $4 shine? Thanks in advance
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Just polish them as usual. The suede will get gummed up w/polish but whatever bro, this is America.
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Try using SKUFF - it's a clear finish for shoes that adds a shine that lasts for years, and it comes in a precision applicator, so you might be able to miss the suede all together and get the shine that your looking for.


Get the "Polished" version.  Good product - highly recommend!  Also, protects from scuff marks and repels water, dirt, and stains to keep shoes clean and looking new.

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Quite the hiatus emmanuel. Good to see you return. I am suprised at your stated lack of patience. You can sparingly apply polish cream with your finger, avoiding the suede. Let dry 20 min. Lightly brush and off you go. You can do it. smile.gif ....P.S. Great avatar.
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