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Originally Posted by MS007 View Post

Mark my words, this guy will be heard of. Fantastic showcase,


Love this!

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This jacket bounce2.gif.Wouldn't know how much i'd wear it though.
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this may be the best thread on SF right now
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Was going to come and post about Danius Bendikas' stuff here, good to see it here. Very promising indeed. Like a more wearable Sruli Recht in some ways.

EDIT - Looks like he interned with Sruli Recht before launching his own label.
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More down to earth, but not less remarkable in my opinion ( I am a big fan of minimalism). I love the understated design of the shirt collection of

Sidian, Ersatz and Vanes

construction quality:

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: - )
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I don't know,t he shirts are probably very well constructed quality-wise, but from what I see form their website their collections are reiterations of the same 2-3 models in different color combinations -- save the patterned shirts which look interesting, but I'm a sucker for patterned shirts...
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One could say thats the recipe for success: Find out what you are good at, do it, repeat.
Changes will keep things interesting of course, but I don't like it if collections seem totally unrelated (see britten) . Or, let me put it differently, it is much harder to keep doing vast changes and do it good.
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Nice and relaxed design, plus everything is handmade in germany.
From munich,

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^^ Very nice!

Their latest AW12 season also reminds me of Our Legacy in terms of relaxed and easy-going designs. I like
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The stitched pattern blouson is sweet.
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This all looks very wearable
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That stuff all looks comfy and interesting enough that I'd wear it all the time.

I wish this suit looked lighter frown.gif (then I could wear it dancing)
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Founded 2009 in LOndon by Ben Vorono and Samuel Kientsch,


ss 12

and from their debut

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gah this thread is so good

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