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Does anyone know of stores in (or around) the Boston area that offers quality shoes (C&J, Carmina, Trickers, AS, EG, JL, Vass, etc)? I have only been able to find Alden and AE and would like to try on a few others before I buy a pair but have come up empty. Any suggestions made in previous threads seem to have closed since then.

Try Louis Boston (seaport). They are still one of the top five high end privately owned department stores in the country (at one time they were  #1). If not there Barneys, or maybe Riccardi on Newbury.

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I was under the impression that all of the Peal&Co shoes other than lightweight ones are now C&J.  The only remaining AS shoes are deadstock on the website, but there's a good possibility I'm wrong.  As for telling which is which, the nail pattern on the heel can help you out.  There's a thread somewhere on here that details each one, I haven't seen it in a while though.  A search should bring it up.

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Any idea who makes the lightweight Peal&Co shoes?
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The aforementioned Louis Boston and Barneys. You should also check the Ralph Lauren st.ore
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