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My new EG's came in...

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i'd forgotten i'd ordered these until i happened to go to the store to get some panty hose....for my wife (yeah that's the ticket) and they said they'd just arrived today. it's kind of like getting a christmas present that you have to pay for. now maybe i'll see what you guys rave about. i got the pink insides (after being told EG probably would not do it) only after i told them if they come in and are not pink i will not pay for them

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I don't know if I'd go for that color combo myself, but that's the beauty of the MTO program.
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What store are those from? Is there a store in Lubbock that carries EG? Dallas even? Very nice looking shoes by the way.
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here was my thinking:
i don't wear wing tip type shoes, but have always wanted a spectator. i didn't want a regular color combo but something that not everyone would (or felt they could) wear. kind of my same reasoning on buying blazers that are loud plaid/windowpane style. i havne't worn them but will probably sometime in the next few weeks. Korshak carries them but I got them at Malouf's when the rep was there and my wife was doing a goat cheese sampling
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Very sharp. What was the issue regarding the pink interior?
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Badass! Any particular reason why you chose the rubber sole? im trying to think of a reason thats summer related but cant.

Or wait, are those rubber? I cant tell.
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i just thought pink would be quirky and the rep said he wasn't sure they'd do that, even if i requested it.

no particular reason, just thought i'd like a rubber sole better.
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Ooooohhhh mmyyyy....I think I just had a small one....
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Personally, I would not have gone for mustard inserts. But hey, whatever floats your zeppelin

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My first reaction was also very reluctant. But the more I look at these shoes, the more I like them. Dark oak and acorn: I'd say they would even look with jeans or seearsucker. They just scream "It's summer!" - and that's quite a good statement.
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i would put polish or cream all over that mustard and make it darker and more interesting. certainly the choice of a dandy and I think ordering a different color is what custom ordered goods are about.
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I am an old fan of Spectator Shoes and love the color combination that you have selected. I have met a fair share of individuals who can't or won't wear any type of Spectator as they feel too self conscious about wearing a shoe such as this.

Hey, in my mind it's fun to do it a little differently once in awhile.
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Not my colors but I'm sure they are very quality made knowing EG. They make a great shoe.

Some can pull off the spectator look. I'm not able to do that.
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