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Originally Posted by BrizzleCizzle View Post

3) There are better places for everything. The US is not so much about work these days as handouts. The melting pot is about to burn down the house.

BC - There is nobility in your olive branch, but leave this sort of comment in CE. It has no place in MC.
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Originally Posted by BrizzleCizzle View Post

1) Yes. My apologies exist afore; but whence such occasion occurs that one is led to believe a spammer (or one such entity displaying a disregard for the most basic of internet forum customs, despite your appreciable and admitted politeness) is afoot, the chase is not often founded on civility.

2) Three. Four when I was younger but I seem to have left my german tongue in the strasse. And none of them all that well, American English included.

3) There are better places for everything. The US is not so much about work these days as handouts. The melting pot is about to burn down the house.


I hope we can remain friends (that is a lighthearted prod emblematic of an olive branch), and that your wardrobe flourishes with the vast knowledge of SF.


It's fine sir, apologies accepted ;)


I'm reading the SF101 now ! 


Thank you guys !

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Leaves of the branch: for ideas on colors of both shirts and suits that you like, read through the WAYWRN (what are you wearing right now) threads and a few others where people post up pics of good style and whatnot. A few to start you off:

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Guys, Thank you all for your “assistance”!


I have now 3 suits: Navy - Gray – Charcoal.


Shirts I have 9 : 2 light blue, 2 white, 1 purple, 1 stripped blue and white, 1 stripped white and gray, 1 a bit dark blue with little shapes on it, and 1 pink.


Concerning ties I have 6 till now that match the shirts below. (I’ll buy more this week


Shoes: 1 black blucher and 1 brown oxford.


What do you think about this? Enough? I committed a mistake again?


Another thing, I want now to add a suit to my wardrobe but I can't decide which color will be ok and will match the best with my actual ties and essentially shirts I own.

Which color do you recommend? And what kind of fabric do you recommend me to choose, I remember I’ve seen something like "120' whool..." written on some fabrics at the tailor…


So thanks all and please help me again: D


PS: I read the SF101

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You did well. If you want to add another suit, a light gray PoW or a solid beige/tan one would be nice.
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The suits are much better now. Do you have to wear a suit every day? If not, maybe get an odd jacket and odd trousers for dess-down days.


Is it possible to return the shoes? Its no big deal, but I would have gone with a black oxford captoe and a brown blucher instead, or even a brown oxford with some brogueing or some sort.

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Quick summary:

Your starter suits should be solid navy and/or charcoal

White and blue dress shirts

5 ties
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Yes actually it's suit and tie everyday !


Concerning the shoes, both are used  BUT... i'll soon get AE's Strand :D :D :D


May be some patterned fabric this time for the suit ?

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I'd go for a more subtle pattern before getting a PoW. Maybe a herringbone or something?
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Build your wardrobe with suits in solid colors, grey, navy, charcoal. A few ties, solids as well as patterned ones.

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You're right sir, a warm herringbone for this winter ! However what does PoW means ?

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PoW = Prince of Wales. Same as glen plaid.
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Alright, investing in a winter coat i guess will a be a better choice because i don't have one.


Thanks again guys

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I'm going to offer a different perspective than most on here do. I'm also in the financial industry like you. I work for a major Brokerage firm and I was in a similar situation as you 2 years ago when I began building my business wardrobe.


Disclaimer- I'm suggesting he go cheap/simple in some areas because his taste will change. I made some purchases in the beginning that I thought were the coolest things in the world only to hate them 6 months later. Basically, I'm glad I didn't blow money on a $2000 suit only to find out I hated the color/pattern.



If I could do it over again here's how I would do it:


1.) Buy 1 very nice black, blue, or dark grey suit. This one would be a very solid color suit that I know I'd keep forever

2.) Buy 2 used suits or 2 cheaper low end suits-These would be suits that you think are nice, will still look very presentable, and you can keep them for a few years.

3.) Start looking for a good tailor. A good tailor can make a used eBay suit look better than a sh***y tailor that got a hold of some Zegna fabrics


Shoes (I made my biggest mistakes here):

1.) Buy 2-3 nice pairs of shoes that are simple and you know you won't get tired of. My first pair of business shoes were Allen Edmonds Tribecas. They're a lower end AE shoe, but they've still held up better than the 7-8 pairs of Johnston and Murphy shoes I own.

2.) Don't buy in quantity....I own quite a few pairs of shoes. I'd say at least 50+ pairs. My business shoe collection (for lack of a better word) numbers in the 15 pair range. With that said, I really only wear 4-5 pairs regularly. Spend as much as you can on those 2-3 pairs. In retrospect 3 pairs of $350 Allen Edmonds would be worth more to me now than 10 pairs of $150 Johnston and Murphys.



1.) Unless you get them custom made, I'd experiment a bit with dress shirts. It took me a while to find a good reasonably priced dress shirt and I went through close to 10 different brands.

2.) Start again with solid colors or very conservative patterns. I'd have 2 whites, 2 blues, 1 pink, and a few patterned shirts. Buy something that would go well with almost any patterned tie.

3.) I'd start getting used to french cuffs if you haven't already. Throw the button cuffs out the door if you want to look best. I have yet to see a sharply dressed Financial Advisor that wears button cuffs.



1.) I wear a lot of blue and red ties. My tie is also the one thing I think about most when I have a big meeting or when I want to look best.

I'd recommend having a 2-3 solid color ties, 3-4 patterned ties, and 2-3 bright colors or something that fits you personally.


Belts(Another area I made big mistakes):

1.) Buy your belt at the same time you buy your shoes. Make sure the color matches exactly the same. It sticks out like a sore thumb when I see someone with $400 light brown wingtips and they're wearing a black belt. You should have as many brown belts as you do brown shoes.

2.) Don't buy a belt with a huge A** buckle and end up looking like a cowboy. Buy something with a smaller buckle so it doesn't ruin the line of your suit. Some people recommend not even wearing a belt or wearing braces. I personally look even shorter(I'm only 5'10" when I wear braces so I don't bother.


Cufflinks:This is one area that it's very easy to spend a little or very easy to spend a ridiculous amount.

1.) I'd start with some very plain sterling silver/stainless steel/ or silver colored cufflinks. Avoid the flashy colored ones for now.

2.) I'd have 1-2 pairs of very universal colored cufflinks that go with 95% of everything, and 1-2 pairs of something that is a bit more noticeable.


Socks: This really isn't an area I know much about, so I won't go too in depth.

1.) Have 5-10 pairs of plain black pairs of socks. If you're like me, they manage to get lost half the time, and black is always the fallback color.

2.) The simple rule of thumb is to match your socks with your suit. Grey suit=grey socks, Black suit=black socks.



Other areas worth mentioning:

Pocket squares- I have 3 pocket squares. one white, one royal blue, and one navy blue. I don't always wear a square , but in my opinion, it better match perfectly or compliment the color of your tie. Basically, don't go buy a blue pocket square and wear a green tie.


Sunglasses: It sounds silly, but it make a big difference. If you wear some large aviators and a conservative suit, you'll look like a cop. I'm a Rayban whore, but I keep: 3 pairs of Wayfarers, 1 pair of caravans, and 1 pair of aviators. I have probably 10 other pairs of nicer sunglasses, but they're never worn with my business clothes.


Watch: This is another huge area, I could write voluments on this subject. To keep it fairly simple: Match your watch with your cufflinks and belt buckle. Don't wear a huge gaudy watch. You can wear a sport watch with a suit (James Bond and the Seamaster made that popular again). Find a nice 38mm-45mm faced watch, spend as much as you can afford, and make sure it matches the other metal you're wearing.


Collar Stays: Invest in a bunch of metal collar stays. I lose mine all the time and metal is 10x better than the crappy plastic ones.

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^Too much matching going on here.
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