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Lands' end shoes?

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Hello all, Does anyone have any experience with Lands' End dress shoes? Any comments regarding leather quality, shoe construction, value-for-money, sizing? (The only pair of shoes I've previously bought from them were a pair of white suede bucks, which turned out to be a little smaller than I'd anticipated.) Specifically, I'm looking at the split-toe lace-up in brown pebblegrain - for use with slacks/sportcoats and maybe jeans - and the medallion captoe in dark brown, for use with navy and mid-to-dark-gray suits. Comments?
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My general impression of Land's End is fairly good quality and excellent value for the money, but intensely boring. I have a few of their shirts, but I'm afraid I can't really help you with the shoes. I do like the look of those split-toes, however - I've been looking for a good split-toe for a while. If you buy them, let us know how they work out.
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if you are looking for something specific, here and now, they are a good deal. I've just become so used to finding high end shoes for terrific deals on Ebay and the major dept. store offshoots that I can't imagine spending $100+ anymore and not getting a top notch shoe out of it.
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A few years ago, I purchased loafers from Land's End. They were a bit snug. There was no problem on the comapny's part to take them back. Land's End has a very customer friendly return policy. The loafers that I ended up with lasted as long as one would expect. While not in the same league as Alden, Allen Edmonds, or the shoes by Mr. Vass of Budapest (....), the LE shoes were well made--especially for the price. A couple of years ago, while on vacation in Wisconsin, I took a detour and visited Dodgeville, saw the LE plant, etc... A pleasant Midwest town right in the heart of Frank Lloyd Wright country.
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