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ideas or brands for oxblood/ chili leather shoes $100 - $200

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Hello --


I'm 24 and still a little green when it comes to upgrading my clothing here (just recently obtained a salaried position a few months ago).


Anyway, a few months ago I bought $200 'factory seconds' Allen Edmonds 5th Avenues in black.




They are very nice in my opinion and conservative enough to wear anywhere I'd need to go ---- however, what I failed to realize is that a black oxford captoe can also be somewhat --- boring and unnoticed. 




I still love these AE 5th avenues. However I'm looking for something funkier and a bit bolder, that I can still wear in a business casual setting. Hell, I am 24 and living in the city.



Instead of a brown shoe that would be the natural second, I'm thinking something in oxblood or chili/ burgundy colored. I've looked at AE again, but I'm not sure their shoe silhouettes are quite bold enough for this time around.


Anyone got any good suggestions for an oxblood shoe --- I'm willing to get more affordable shoes this time around just to wear here and there---

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No one?


I just want an office shoe that can be worn with dress pants as well as jeans, up or down. But I want something a bit funkier than a typical medium hue brown, which seems to common downtown here.


Okay here are some ideas I'm looking at--


I'm not hung up on red though and am flexible. I'm just looking for a bolder shoe that can swing business casual as well as jeans--- my office is sort of more on the casual side of business casual. I'm also not the 'greatest' at knowing shoe brands. AE shoe bank seems to be the best price range for me now. What's a step up or down from that? 


Any thoughts on these?



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#1 is not oxblood. #1 is red as hell. Like, RED. Like, people will make "angels want to wear your red shoes" jokes. #2 is also more red than oxblood, but are ugly. #3 are not mainline AEs, and are lower quality, if I recall their website. My impression of the shoe market is that there aren't many shoes that retail between $100 and $300 that are better quality than really cheap shoes. They're still mostly glued-together and corrected grain.

I have a pair of burgundy Bass Weejuns (list $100, but never pay over $60) that I like just fine. If you could get them for, say, $40, that would be pretty good value. Another option might be heading to some kind of discount shoe place to see what you can see. I've gotten decent values from places like MJM, though they've been $100-$175 shoes marked down to sixty and under. That's not quite as good as, say, a pair of AEs from the shoe bank, and that's still the best place to look. Just try and find nicer shoes there. Look under burgundy on their website.
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Thanks for the input, I had a feeling I might have been going a little too out there.


A more conservative burgundy might be better. I'll look into the bass weejuns and hit up a few shoe stores around here ... I live in a huge city so it shouldn't be a problem.


I know $$$ and quality is king here, but wearing AE 5th avenue from the shoe bank I'm pretty much already the most well-clod guy in the office, maybe barring a couple exceptions. I hesitate to drop $300+ on another pair before upgrading other much-needed items in my wardrobe first. 

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Since you have primarily mentioned AE's, post your question on the Allen Edmonds Appreciation thread.  While the first pair of red shoes are not my cup of tea, that line of shoes and its various colors are popular with some of the posters in your age range.  My understanding is that they are one of AE's biggest sellers currently.


As this is not my style, I can't offer any additional choices or help, other than to say ignore TGOL's advice to choose Bass Weejuns over AE and that all the shoes $300 and under are cheap glue jobs made with corrected grain leather.  facepalm.gif

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The Lubbock, AE's casual monkstrap, is currently available for $199. It's "chestnut," which is close to Chili. Do not get any of the shoes you posted above. If you only have one pair of decent shoes, your second pair should NOT be red. Burgundy is ok, but the other two are just ugly.
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Did you try calling the factory seconds store and seeing what they have in chili or burgundy? I don't know if they have discontinues in stock (I'm thinking of the fairfax or weybridge); but it might be worth a shot. Otherwise, take a look on ebay; you might get lucky.
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