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sounds fine.

That said, if you intend on spending a bunch of money, look at other options. Jcrew, while offering decent clothing, is not widely considered high quality. For instance, Id much rather go with a pair of brooks brothers chinos over the jcrew product.

Also, the dress shirts offered by Jcrew suck. I was going to link one or two, but couldn't even find good ones to link. I'd look elsewhere here.
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Okay I'll hold off on crew and just start with the Allen Edmonds as I'm sure those are choice quality and maybe go out and find some socks, belts, and ties for now. 

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You're from morristown. I live in clifton and went to undergrad near morristown.

Take a trip to short hills mall. Check out jcrew, brooks brothers, ralph lauren, and have a look at saks, neiman, and nordstrom. Also, there is an allen edmonds store there.

Once you see these items in person, feel the fabric, look for quality construction, you may determine that jcrew works for you, and thats fine, but its important to check out other options to eliminate potential regret.
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It's a good town and that's not a bad idea, I was either going to swing by there or Bridgewater.  But if there is an Allen Edmonds store in Short Hills, I'll def swing by there.  Thanks for the tip.

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There's no reason to spend $50-$70 on ties at department stores. Other than at Brooks Brothers or another respectable menswear store, it probably makes more sense to buy ties online. Many threads on this site mention specific tiemakers.

For dress shirts in business casual, some patterns are almost required for anyone who doesn't hate them.

Don't buy dress shirt made for/by J. Crew or other mall brands. Don't buy jeans made for/by mall brands, with the possible exception of Gap (selvage).
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