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I need to step it up.

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for some assistance. Ive been scouring the forums anonymously to take down some tips as I've been out of the game for a bit. I've also caught up on GQ as it seems like a savvy magazine in mens fashion. I just got out of a long relationship that extended back into college about 5 years ago where I was just a kid and dating was rather simple like the clothing I wore. Now that I'm a little older, a young professional, making a decent living for myself, I'm looking to meet someone my age, someone more mature, but I can see I just don't look the part. I haven't updated since my school days.

So I want to start out small and Begin by improving my late night outfit, maybe for a casual evening out on the town. I've read that it's essential for every man to have a good blazer or sport coat look. One I currently don't possess. So I felt I should address this first.

I've narrowed down some jeans, chinos, shoes, boat shoes, oxfords, and some nice button downs and belts and watches. I'm just on the fence for the blazer or sport coat to chose and the color. I'm thinking to get me started, I need a navy and black one. I like this ludlow cut blazer from j.crew:
--but I'm not sure of its cut or quality. It's my navy of choice and as such I haven't found a decent black blazer yet.

I'm wondering if any of you have some familiarity with the jcrew ludlow blazers or know of any other brands, manufactures, designers that you'd recommend I check out or any combinations that you recommend that would improve my look around town.

I apologize for any noobie mistakes I've just made posting here. I hope it was the right spot and any advice would be deeply appreciated

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- why do you think you need a black sportcoat?

- have you gone and tried on the j crew blazer?
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I like the color black, and I feel like I can match a lot with it, but then again, what do I know right?

Jcrew didn't carry it, so I was gonna order it, try it on and return it if it didn't fit my appeal. Of course there is no point ordering it if it's not a good quality, right?
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I don't have any first-hand experience, but for the price, J. Crew has a pretty decent reputation on here it seems. You might want to check out Suit Supply as well. they also have free shipping both ways.

Black is generally frowned upon here, with the possible exception of wearing at night. In any case it somewhat forces you into a stark color palette of black, white, navy, grey. Actual colors just become too bright against black, like you're wearing a football uniform.
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I hear ya. I'll definitely check it out then--suit supply as well. I understand what you mean about black narrowing your palette, I think I would only wear it at night. So maybe I'll stick with the navy for now and maybe look into a tan or beige color coat that's a little lighter?

Would you suggest any other colors. Also would the navy work with both dark or light color jeans--so long as there is a distinct difference in color? Or would you only wear like a tan or gray or such with navy.

I see a lot more pastel colors in fashion these days and I'm not sure I'm ready to break into them just yet. I see myself a little more old fashioned in the color wheel. That or Id just feel uncomfortable in such bright colors right off the bat.
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I don't wear jeans, but you'll see plenty of people wearing navy jackets with dark jeans and they seem to meet with approval from those who wear jeans with blazers.

Your first blazer should definitely be navy. For your second blazer, you definitely don't want any pastels. Since fall and winter are coming up, maybe get something tweedy in some shade of brown. By the time the spring is rolling around you can think about something in cotton or linen in tan or beige.
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Excellent! That's great advice. Now I get why I'm seeing all these tweed jackets coming out. I'll start with a navy, and look into something tweed for the winter and maybe I'll be back on this subject come the spring.

Grazie tantissimo unbelragazzo.

Just another question, and I'm sorry if it's too many. What would be a good winter shoe, I understand boat shoes are a more spring/summer shoe. Should in go with an Oxford? Thanks again
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Since you're dressing more casually in just a SC rather than suit and tie, I would get a blucher rather than an oxford first
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Cool. I'll look into this. Thanks again, got a much better idea of where I need to be now.
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what profession? that's quite important,IMO

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Well I wouldn't wear this at my place of work. I'm a planner/engineer. Though I'd like to update this wardrobe as well. Usually in the office it's button down and khakis or black dress pants and a button down, our definition of business casual over here. This style is getting boring and I understand it looks terrible. If you guys have any business casual advice I'd be all ears. At meetings it's suit and tie and well out in the field it's typically jeans and boots. I feel like I can't improve much from being in meetings and out in the field. I have 5 suits, black and gray. I could use a blue suit, but not right now.

But it seems like business casual was a heated topic here and I couldn't find a response to a proper business casual attire. I'd be certainly interested in updating that.

My current attire to address this is to lose some of the extra baggage, I try to get fitted shirts, extra slim and tailored pants and black shoes. Id like to go for a pair of Oxford or bulcher shoes it seems with this attire. I hope that's a step in the right direction.
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Hey, there ya go. I probably should have found that. Haha
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Let me help:


You mentioned Jcrew. I don't love it, but because I don't have time to search other sites right now, I'll go with what they are offering:


this is your casual blazer


dark jeans


navy chinos. Goes well with the herringbone SC, pairs nicely with camel, cream, yellow, green, etc sweaters or just a dress shirt

Allen Edmonds Walnut strands

A few white and light blue shirts, a few white shirts with checks.

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Spot on.  I ordered that Navy Blazer last night and I was thinking of the brown Herringbone for winter.


Also from the business casual wardrobe from styleforum I threw together a quick list of essentials to update my work wardrobe.


Sticking with J.crew as it seems to fit the standard, I'm looking at a few oxford cloth button downs, a dark blue, light blue and a plaid I'm feeling.  I was gonna pick up 2 classic fit Bowery pants, light and dark khaki to begin with.  I'm gonna go to J.Crew and try on the slim and see how they look.


I'm thinking a grey wool tie, maybe one square cut, and another tie, maybe dark navy for now.  as well as a few pair of socks that go with the color scheme.


As you mentioned Allen Edmonds in Burnished Walnut work.  I'm thinking these: http://www.zappos.com/allen-edmonds-kenilworth-walnut-burnished-calf . And as it recommends, give them a day in between wear should work when I have field visits or meetings weekly.  I'll also pick up a shoe tree for the break time between wears.


I figure i can save on the belt, and ties if I go to a regular department store as 50-70 dollars a tie seems a little pricey, though it probably isn't.  Maybe I'll just wait for a promo code.


Also I want to look into a couple of wool vests and sweaters to throw on top of the OCBD.


Sound good?

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