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What do you think of this jacket?

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I recently dug this suit out of my closet.  I haven't worn it in years because a tailor mangled the pants somewhat and I assumed since I bougt it at Syms (Filene's), it wasn't worth the tailoring bill to fix all its issues.  But since I pulled it out I've worn the jacket as an odd jacket a few times.  It seems to be decent quality, though it has some oddities....the biggest of which is that it has an unvented jacket and pleated pants, which is a combination I've never seen.  I bought it before I really knew what to look for in a suit.


1. The brand is Tallia Uomo, which I've never heard of.  It was made in the USA at a unionized factory.  See photos of tags below.  Does this mean anything in terms of quality?  The fake Italian name is a turn-off, but the made in America part gives me hope that it might be worth paying a tailor to salvage the pants.


2. Does this work as an odd jacket?  In the photos below, I'm wearing it with unwashed 501s, but I've also paired it with chocolate pants.  Might work with cream pants if I had a pair.  The fabric has some visual texture, which makes me think it works, but the lack of vents makes it seem fairly formal.


3. What would you call this fabric?  Hopsack? Fresco?  I'm wondering if it might be breathable enough that it would be worthwhile to have the lining removed so I could wear it during the summers in Dallas.


4. What do you think about fit?  It fits very snug but isn't uncomfortable.  Biggest problem is the strain at the button.  It's a 42L (I'm normally in a 46L) but the shoulders look and feel alright.





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The jacket seems to fit okay, aside from the button issue and no visible shirt cuff (which might be because the shirt sleeves are too short), However, it looks dated in style, especially the boxy cut. If you are middle-aged or older, it might be passable as an odd jacket - but you seem to be younger than that and therefore why bother? With cream pants probably would be a mistake - too similar in color.
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The pulling on the right side is from your low right shoulder. If you move the button the pull will go away. Take this to a tailor and see if he would recommend adding a small pad on the right shoulder but maybe not the tailor who mangled the trouser. Wear it if you like it.
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Thanks for the feedback.  I'm suprised you would describe this as a "boxy cut" as it is one of my more form-fitting jackets.  Granted, my form is very boxy (square shoulders and my chest and waist measure only 4 or 5" difference).  Maybe the bottom should flare a bit more?  In what other ways does it look dated? 

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Then it's you more so than the cut. But it might be a bit lengthy (in the body) and also the fabric looks dated, at least in the sense of not something found on many young people.
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Body length looks fine to my eye. If you do have a drooped shoulder and that's not just an artifact of the movement of your arm, a pad or moving the button isn't a bad idea.

The fabric works well as a sportcoat, but the lack of vents is my biggest concern. People still have bad associations with the ventless airplane winged suits of the 80's, and it's never been particularly common on sportcoats. If you don't mind it, it's fine, and it's not like you're going to spend much money for this. There's nothing inherently wrong with ventless coats, and most people probably won't notice a well fitted one. The ones who do will probably just raise an eyebrow.

I say go for it. I couldn't tell you if it's particularly breathable without handling the fabric, but going to a half or even 3/4 lining will make it wear a fair bit cooler. Worth talking to a tailor about if you want it to be a summer coat, anyway.
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