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Please help me choose a suit under $1000

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I'll be visiting a lot of outlet malls in Florida and California (road trip) he next 3 weeks and I'd really like to do a deal on 2 suits.


I'm 30 and these will be my first suits. I really like the TF style but my budget is $1000 max.


The suits will be only worn on special occasions. They should be able to impress.


I've browsed the forum and found about RLBL which I really like from pictures but I'm having doubts about the small lapels.


I'm 6"2 185 lb. Are there any other brands/stores you can suggest. I'm willing to shop around to find a great deal. No internet shopping as I'd like to try out the suit before I buy.


Thanks for any recommendations.

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Hey, hope you have fun on your trip!


As for outlet malls, I can't think of any off the top of my head, however, I highly recommend going to a Saks Off Fifth or Nordstrom Rack. You can definitely get your fix there - case and point, my father picked up a beautiful two piece light gray windowpane Ermenegildo Zegna for $399 at a rack, and I've scored a few very nice Versace Collection pieces at SOF - most recently a pair of black slacks with an almost metalic/silvery finish to them (pics available on request,) for $30.


Try your luck at high-end consignment stores - I've seen some top-tier Isaia suiting and even a few Kiton here in Minneapolis.


That's just my .02.


Edit for recommendations:


Personally, I'm on the shorter side - 5-9, 200lb athletic.


Ermenegildo Zegna (I love all of mine)

Burberry London (I've picked up one suit at a Rack, navy - it's actually in my avatar - for $200)

Gucci (Try looking at SOF, one of my buddies serving a mission picked up one for $550 - he's 6-3 195 or so)


That's all I can think of. Hope it helps!

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Saks Off Fifth, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Barneys NY (some outlet centers have them).

Should be able to find a range of suits in your budget. Some better than others but the best quality suit under $1K at these places will be an Isaia (usually marked at $1.5K but possible to get for less than $1K if 40% discount applies for that day).
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