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Dad's birthday present—help.

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So my father has been looking for a decent suit for a long time. He's 5'4" and about 155 pounds, so usually a slim 40s works. However usually the shoulders are too broad, or the suit is poor quality or too long, and while he was able to find a few corneliani suits here and there, and an isaia suit a few years ago, he no longer has the resources or the build to wear the D'avenza and corneliani and Sr David SC's he used to wear when he was much younger, nor the finances to get Raphael or Savile Row or whatever to make him a suit. .

It comes down to this: my brothers and I have around 900 dollars we can put toward a new suit for my dad (we really have no money these days, which is why I havent bought anything in a while). He always gets told that MTM or bespoke are the way to go for his build and size, and Suit Supply just doesn't work for him. Is there any placewhere we can get my dad a suit that will fit, or that will make him one more or less to his liking, while still being of good quality, and in the price range we decided on. Any help would be very, very appreciated.
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I've had good experience getting a custom suit from Brooks Brothers. You can pick out the size that fits him right in the shoulders and chest, and they'll make the proper adjustments (in length) everywhere else. I believe that will within your budget.
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People seem pretty pleased with the MTM they are receiving from Kent Wang and Andrew Locke.  I believe both are within your price range and have affiliate threads on SF.

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