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They have US 12 here: https://www.hypedc.com/free-flyknit-mercurial-white-platinum-black.html

You're Aussie living in America right? You could get a family member to proxy them for you if they won't ship to the States.

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Yeah I am, unfortunately my parents are over here visiting me and my brother is in Hong Kong. I'm sure they'll end up getting a US release soon but I think I will see if a friend can grab a pair in Sydney for me. Thanks @Rais

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those Tennis classic Ultra flyknit look awesome
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Tried those Mercurials on today. They felt alright but I didn't like how long they looked on me somehow.

Picked up these instead to rotate with my Flyknit Frees for running. They feel so supportive for how light they are.


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can anyone comment on the flyknit prestos? thinking about getting a pair since I've always been wanting a pair of prestos
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Nike on that Acronym demonstration vids

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Originally Posted by daft View Post

those Tennis classic Ultra flyknit look awesome

The internet says, there's a couple other colors dropping as well.

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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

AF1's has always been an insanely comfortable shoe. Their only problem has always been the very large profile and how hot they are in the sommer.

AF1 Flyknit solves the heat problem. And the upper silhouette actually looks less bulky with the flyknit too. the new midsole makes the shoe weigh almost nothing too.

it is a toss up between these two but I think I'd go with the AF1s

got to try on the multi-lows and they were real nice, almost has that iridescent effect

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They are both really good looking. I really like the lower profile of the tennis sole. With the way they are releasing them, I wouldn't be surprised if they go all fk hype and sell out immediately.
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I had some of the tan suede tennis classic SP's from about 18 months ago. They were awesome, but I lost them.
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sockdart sizing?

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If you want Flyknit AF1s, you should just get the NikeLab versions (looks way better without those translucent accents at the heels and toes): http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/nikelab-air-force-1-low-ultra-flyknit-shoe/pid-10983407/pgid-11230311
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I think the black upper lows with the translucent part of the sole are womens? I could be wrong though, the distribution of these shoes are weird.

weekend haul mostly from the Nike outlet with the F&F sale (extra 30% off that stacked).

Superfly and Footscapes came to about $105 each, Kobe Xs about $90 and the Racers and NM Distance were about $60 each. Also got some running pants that was on sale with an extra 30% off and the F&F discount stacked and came to about $20 (orig ~80?).

JXXXs weren't from the outlets but did get it with 30% off somewhere else, first non-retro AJs I bought in a while, still not sure if I am keeping though.

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sick deal, especially the superfly mercurials.  wore those yesterday, definitely one of my favorite trainers.

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Grabbed these yesterday - benefits of having a size 8 foot.

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