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Anybody getting the ivs tomorrow?
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I'm going to try but no big deal if I miss out.
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got hooked up with some OVOs today
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post

got hooked up with some OVOs today

How is the quality?
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black Xs?
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idk what it is, but the cement iv's have really grown on me

the iv used to be one of those models i thought was ugly, too, but i've somehow made a complete 180

hope buying them online won't be too hard
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

black Xs?

yeah quality is good for js
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so i got through on the snkrs app for a size 9 (half size bigger than what i actually wear since my 8.5 sold out; figured that i'd have to resort to trading for my size) after over an hour of tapping away at my phone

unfortunately, ndc released their own stock (outside of snkrs) a little while later and i wasn't able to get my newly in-stock 8.5 since i had already bought a pair and there was a 1-pair limit

so what i did was made a new nike+ account with the same exact information as my main one, except this one has a different card and e-mail address, and it was through this that i was finally able to get my correct size

am i gonna get in trouble, though? will ndc see what's up and cancel this second account?
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I was able to pick up the Cement IVs from the Nike SNKRS website in my size.

Not really a fan of the IVs but I figure it will tide me over until the Nike Air Vs are released this summer.
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Highly doubt it they'll cancel it. I didn't get the text verification code so I stopped bothering. Why don't you go to either Foot Locker or Foot Action? They both have it in stock?

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unfortunately i'm in the s.f. bay area and everything around here sells out quickly

i've since gotten in contact with an online representative and had my original order for the size 9 canceled, though, so i think i should be good (?)
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Even the online inventory? Last I checked they both have a full size run unless you won't know until you check out.
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finish line is still on their splash page for me and ftl was giving me "unable to add to cart" the entire time before i was able to buy off of ndc
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I got a pair from eastbay. Excited about this since the cement IV's were my very first pair of jordans back in the day
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snagged a pair of iv's through snkrs. haven't bought a pair of the iv's since 99. hoping to not be disappointed in the quality.
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