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Originally Posted by rjbman View Post

Holy fuck. http://hypebeast.com/2015/12/nikelab-stone-island-windrunner

More colors than what's below.

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My ACG woven's finally arrived.

The fit is a pretty accurate p10 copy. Obv without all the details though, but in terms of the silhouette it's pretty similar with a slightly shorter leg and higher rise.

The material is thinner than I expected, I was thinking it would be more like a chino fabric but it is like a shell almost. Not necessarily a bad thing, again it's more like some of the acronym trousers. Actually it's a lot like this season p15.

The fit is true, I am a 34 waist and got the L, so based off @iamacyborg maybe the smaller sizes are off or maybe the cargo fits a lot different. Obsidian colour is pretty good, less vivid than most shops, it's pretty much a light navy. Nice and versatile.

I would post fit pics but it's dark and I don't want to. Maybe later.

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FWIW, MrP state the waist size on the S cargos is 32.5.
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Yeah that seems big for a small. My large wovens measure 17.5"(35") at the waist which is pretty standard for an L/50/34 pant
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can anybody comment on the fit of the new gyakusou stuff, especially the womens line?
got only old stuff which always runs small but want to be sure for the girlfriend.
especially this:

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Gon' try and cop a pair tomorrow. Can't believe it's $220 now though. censored.gif

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$220 for glitter patent leather XI's ?

No Thanks.
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I don't think it's glitter, looks more like high-grain leather laminated?

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Most def glitter.

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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Gon' try and cop a pair tomorrow. Can't believe it's $220 now though. censored.gif


got through on NDC. will see how they look IRL before making any judgement calls.
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I got myself a 10 and 10.5 so we'll see which one fits better.


This was posted in the baller sneaker thread but thought it was more fitting here: http://www.ted.com/talks/josh_luber_the_secret_sneaker_market_and_why_it_matters

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Anybody going for the Public School's?
I don't like either of them, although I do like PS. I might get some of the apparel but I'm not doing to expend any energy, if o have to wait in a queue or go through Twitter links then nah.
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getting them for my son at 3, just got the 72-10 on NDC
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The XII's?
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PSNY XII is a very nice sneaker IMO. But not he model I would personally wear. They were super limited tho. 72-10 were super easy to get. I hear it is like 1 million pairs produced compared to last years columbia 11s that were 750k

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