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these prices are insane redface.gif
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Yeah I'm going to go with the large. End's measurements are always bullshit plus they have drawstrings.

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Does anyone know if any shops have the flyknit racer oreo in a 9 in stock. NDC has them in every size but 9. :plain:

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black cargos already sold out everywhere???

I'm so confused, drop went live at 1pm est, I checked at 1:03 and the black cargos were already gone. Slamjam was sold out hours ago, same with Hanon.
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Seems like an error, it would be weird for that item to be completely sold out in seconds while everything else still has a FSR.


Got my obsidian woven order in, gonna hold off on cargos for now.

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The ACG stuff is so nice. That White Jacket is the tits.
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I kinda want the wovens and cargoes, and the all blacks look nice, but at those prices no thanks...
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Yeah price isn't the best but I had a $100 gift card for NDC so that helped ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
They also at least have wool in the mix this time.
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Yeah a gift card helps for sure. At retail though I'd rather save a little more and get Veilance instead. Been eyeing a pair of Anodes..
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So nice

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Anodes have better fabrics but are also a very boring cut. I don't expect the ACG stuff to hold up for as long as Veilance but there's just nothing like the design of the P10s/ACG pants.

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@accordion SISP "Batavia's" have a similar cut and so do some of their other styles. Fabrics much more boring in general and they lack a lot of the details (articulated/knee darts, all the ninja shit) but the cuts are great.
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It may sound a bit stupid but can both Nike ACG cargo and woven pants be hemmed? 

Thanks! :)

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