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Does anyone have experience with this NSW m-65? Thoughts? Been seeing it for crazy cheap on eBay lately (just over $100 shipped), thought it might make a good goretex beater if anything.

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25% off on nike.com clearance code: blueribbon

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Originally Posted by El Argentino View Post

I've really enjoyed my FRs thus far. Takes a bit to get used to, but feels great afterwards. Break them in a bit before doing any serious miles.

Yeah, I´m gonna use at the gym and for some light running. They´re pretty comfy.

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just kopped these
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Originally Posted by eglbc View Post

just kopped these

I like, got any fit pics? Where'd you get them from? They look like a higher top than the normal Roshe's?

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Those are the Rosherun trail, it kind of reminds me of Palladium boots.
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Nike Bruins suede orange/white colourway. Got these on 20% discount. 80SGD.
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I picked these up recently. Been playing around with this lightbox my girlfriend made. I love these boots. Comfortable, stylish, and affordable. I wrote a short review on my blog.
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Like the bruins. Need to pick up some suede sneakers some time.

Highlight of the Nike sale for me (use the code BLUERIBBON and JUSTDOIT for 25% and free shipping)


Picked up the Platinums.

Some LunarEclipse +2 on sale...


For the basketball players, two slightly older but great basketball shoes...


Huarache 2k4


Shox BB4
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Anybody know where I find some Air Max 1's in Atomic Green, size U.S. 8.5?

After some Googling, I could only find them on Amazon for $140 w/ shipping. The rest are in uncommon sizes.
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Guys who's got the silver tights in big boy sizes?
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Originally Posted by ExAngel View Post

well tres bien fucked me by sending me a size 7.5 flyknit in white instead of the 11.5 I ordered and now they're all sold out. 

anyone looking for a white flyknit in 7.5? maybe for a girl? lol

English is my third language. Is this thoughts about sex and what is a fly knit 7.5 and 11.5?
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Originally Posted by chamel View Post

English is my third language. Is this thoughts about sex and what is a fly knit 7.5 and 11.5?


Sigged lol

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Is size 8 the smallest size for nikes?
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