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nikestore has the flyknits back on their site.

random sizes for random colors for trainers

looks like full size run for volt racers
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Is there a concensus on TTS vs .5 size down on the flyknits?
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don't think there's a consensus really. i stayed tts on mine.
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Some people stay TTS on both, but some people recommend to downsize 1/2 on the trainers. Racers are a TTS consensus.

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I sized down half on the FKs, tts would have worked too if I wanted to wear thicker socks.

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Just how much smaller are the Racers vs the Trainers? My size 10 Trainers fit pretty damn well (I have wide feet)... should I stay with size 10 for the Racers as well?
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Gyak looks incredible
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just picked up the powerlines+ olympic edition. they fit like a dream and look damn good too
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all the new colourways save the black are pretty average.
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Got that new Electric Green for me and the purple for my wife. Looking on their site the Electric Green looks like the Volt, but in the pic above it is definietly "greener" than the volt. Ehhh i'll see how I like it when it comes in.
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IMO trainers are pretty TTS. I wear an 11 in all Nike's got that on the FKT's. The heal is a little loose, but works for me. If you are inbetween sizes, i'd size down.
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Originally Posted by jaac View Post

all the new colourways save the black are pretty average.

I wanted the all black with while painted swoosh but it looks like they only stocked it up in a size 6.5.
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A lot of the original colorways are already sold out / weren't restocked - it was just the new colors that got size runs. Seriously considering the new "volt" apparently Electric Green, or the Blue/Green combo.

Even Red/Green looking cool.
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black ones suck, green ones are best

still not copping at 150
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Well guys, the "black ones" are not actually black.

It is sequoia mostly with black undertone. Looks great in the sunlight. I think someone like you jet would appreciate the subtly especially under the great Southern California sun.
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