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well a month into the Lunar TR1+ ownership, i have to say that they are pretty damn good for training. i particularly like the stability of the sole and the cables holding your feet in place during lateral moves. only gripe is that there could be more cushioning when you land after stuff like plyos or box jumps.

they are also heavier than i would prefer for running shoes so i might keep these for training and then get the flyknits for running. i think it's silly to say you'd buy these shoes and never put them through their paces, assuming you actually run.

oh, and the nike+ system is a nice touch but not really necessary
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Not too itchy at all but it is noticeable.

Actually if you are averse to itchy I think this is perfect. I am pretty sensitive and have yet been compelled to scratch myself with a tee on. Small will fit you good too. I am kind of in between sizes so I the stretching will be more significant with wear.

This knit is actually fairly warm. Dare I say it will be good enough for the Bay Area? I stepped out with it and felt good. I forgot to mention that is is pretty soft as far as the hand is concerned. Time will tell how badly it will pill though but is is pretty smooth. It will pill though FWIW.

But for the price and to basically be lazy in, I do not mind. And I will wear it exactly the same with some shorts and tights, or trousers via Uniqlo.

And it is fair to mention that the collar is similar to say TOJ leather in that it seems to be mold-able so do as you please. Again, given the character of the knit it will stretch like crazy IMO especially as a beater.

There are two interior side pockets that is nice, 76/24 wool/poly blend
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Nike comp 12 poly pants or nike rio II? shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

RFX, a size small would fit you good.
It is a tad short in the body and a bit tight, especially when zipped up given it is a lounge/aesthetic piece. Would prefer the same color scheme in M but Yoox only has that size in the lighter color.
It is wool mix so I would think it will definitely stretch with wear. Collar stands funny, maybe to some, and tight when zipped all the way up. It is a warm knit and very comfortable. I immediately thought of the cold winter nights when I am lounging around and this damn thing is going to keep me cozy. It is a bit scratchy as well re: maybe jet will like it too
Quick snaps, horrible photos:
Moar: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Alt: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Nike | Tee | Nike | Nike Flyknits in photo

Looks great and works even better with those flyknits.

If it isn't too much to ask, do you mind giving a quick measurement of the chest and shoulders if possible? I'd appreciate it, thanks!
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Shoulder is raglan

p2p: 20" lying flat, 20.25" on the generous side

Length from back is about 25.75" measured from the neck seam downwards

FWIW I usually take 19.5-21" p2p and 17.25 - 17.5" shoulder
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Thanks for the info, much appreciated! fistbump.gif
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I really like that look getto, almost makes me want to get that piece. smile.gif Would be nice bumwear.
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I just have something against nike clothes, would rather cop other shit to lounge in personally plus black and grey is yawn inducing.
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i see
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how much was that sweater on yoox?
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

I just have something against nike clothes, would rather cop other shit to lounge in personally plus black and grey is yawn inducing.

I'm usually with you because Nike's sizing is always inconsistent and even the XS tends to be way too big for me and they make stupid tees like this:

But the NSW and Gyakusou line that doesn't have giant Swooshes and isn't made for a linebacker is actually pretty nice. Most won't even know they were made by Nike, they just tend to be extra pricey if not limited but some of them are nice.
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My gym is full of kids right out of college wearing stupid Nike t-shirts about "swag."
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Yeah, I see these stupid shirts errwhere.
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don't see too much in this thread about Nike SB stuff; personnally I'm a big fan of the Koston 1s which are super comfy with their lunar cushioning, and not too chunky unlike a lot of skate shoes


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Nike Free Run +2 Woven Leather TZ Pack

Dropping next month, Tier Zero.







Also, damn these look good:

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