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didn't like any of the standard colours so those are nike id... got to pick them myself
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plus, more importantly, i got the tongues to say "dave cool" rotflmao.gificon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Flyknit Chukka
The LunarSole is cool but I am not sure I get the point of the chukkas? Is it a strictly casual pair of shoes in chukka-form? Not sure what the benefit of it performance-wise in this form?

What's the benefit of the regular model? I don't care what anyone says - the Flyknit is a lifestyle shoe and anyone who uses these for running or working out is a fool in my mind.
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I agree with this^

I only bought it for lounging and kicking it. Gym/running i still prefer other models like the FR
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Originally Posted by bawlin View Post

What's the benefit of the regular model? I don't care what anyone says - the Flyknit is a lifestyle shoe and anyone who uses these for running or working out is a fool in my mind.

Flyknit material is lighter and much more breathable while maintaining it's durability, might even be more durable than synthetic materials. It being a low-cut makes it more versatile for running and training, it won't restrict ankle movement.

I actually use mine for running and cross-training and is in my top 3 right now for overall training shoes.

You're insane if you think Nike spent millions to develop the material knitting method to simply make a casual pair of shoes. I always see Nikes as Sportswear first that has an athletic purpose (ie: specific for running, basketball, soccer, training, etc…) unless it is some casual-specific shoe they made for casual-wear and Nike does make those but the FlyKnits were made to perform first, I am 100% certain of that. If Nike simply wanted to make a casual pair, I am sure they can make it look like FlyKnits w/o all the new tech and make it look like there is no difference at all.

Also, if the FlyKnit can't perform or stand up to the abuse of using it for running or training, then Nike has failed miserably with the shoe.
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Walking is considered exercise happy.gif
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Walking is considered exercise happy.gif

And Nike makes shoes strictly for walking too but chilling at a bar or kicking it in front of the television while watching Monday Night Football with a beer in your hand isn't considered exercise.
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Got these from Ross for $12.
They fit nice and narrow. I think I will make them my go to basketball shoes.
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Is there an online store that sells Flyknits with international shipping? I've been wanting to get them down to Australia but haven't had any luck so far frown.gif
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those would be terrible to ball in lol
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RFX, a size small would fit you good.

It is a tad short in the body and a bit tight, especially when zipped up given it is a lounge/aesthetic piece. Would prefer the same color scheme in M but Yoox only has that size in the lighter color.

It is wool mix so I would think it will definitely stretch with wear. Collar stands funny, maybe to some, and tight when zipped all the way up. It is a warm knit and very comfortable. I immediately thought of the cold winter nights when I am lounging around and this damn thing is going to keep me cozy. It is a bit scratchy as well re: maybe jet will like it too

Quick snaps, horrible photos:


Moar: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Alt: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Nike | Tee | Nike | Nike Flyknits in photo
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New Lunarglide+ 4 Premiums arrived today. Very pleased with these. Best fitting gym shoe I've had in a LONG time.
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I dig my Lunarglide 4's too, but I just got in my fly knits today. Awesome shoe. CRAZY light, and real comfortable. If you find your size, buy a pair.
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Been searching. Finding them at all is difficult. Finding them in a size 13 seems impossible unless I want to pay $250 on eBay.
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Thanks for posting that Toasty. Was thinking of getting that myself and wearing it with denim and black/grey 1s. How itchy is it though? I'm one of those who gets irritated by even merino, so I'm kind of hesitant to get it :\

And LG4s are awesome. I've barely use my FR3s anymore.
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