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Originally Posted by aussiejake View Post

Which ones are the Lunarglide+ 4's? Middle?

Yes, the one in the middle.

Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Hrmmm RFX, Free haven 3.0's are available for $63 or so shipped right now. Would you still recommend after getting your Lunar Edges in?

I haven't given the Lunar Edges a full workout yet but I think the Havens are pretty much the Free-sole equivalent of the Lunar Edge 13s Lunarlon-sole in comparison the sole thickness/cushion. Free Havens also looks like it can be worn for cross training outdoors too while I am not sure with the Lunar Edge 13s, although you've used it more than me so you can answer that question. The Havens feels and looks more versatile overall just from trying it on. I'll probably try out the Lunar Edge 13 tonight.
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QUick recap on the Lunar Edge vs. Free Trainers, I prefer the Free Trainers over the Lunar Edge, in initial though the Lunar Edge felt a bit closer to the ground but that is because the drop off from the heel to the forefoot/toe is much deeper. When standing up while putting my weight on my heels, my toe raises and isn't planted on the ground. When I do squats for example, it is stable and doesn't feel like I would tip forward but my whole foot doesn't feel like it is flat on the ground. I also did some speed skaters and lunges and there isn't a wobble or imbalance from side-to-side (which I sometimes get with the Free Runs) but the toe does feel like it is up in the air.

That isn't the case with the Free Trainers, it felt very stable and my feet felt really planted to the ground, it just felt better for training likely because I am used to training in Free Runs? I just prefer it for training overall. One gripe though, when tightening, I feel a bit of a pinch on the side of my foot where the toe and forefoot meet. Again this is probably being used to wearing Free Runs and Lunarglides with much softer, cloth-like uppers w/o any structures unlike the the Free Trainer 5.0.

In order of preference is still FR2 > FT5.0 > LE13. I'll give both another try and see how they feel after some breaking in however I am very curious about the Free Trainer 7.0 to see if it is a bit better since it's suppose thicker or more cushioned than the 5.0 but still has that close to the ground feel and flexibility.
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whats the best euro webstore to kop frees/lunars/roshes? they're over 100€ in every place ive found
also im size 44½ in the new tiempos so should i go with the same size?
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where are you finding the cheap 3.0 frees?
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any webstore that ships international?
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Originally Posted by pronxs View Post

any webstore that ships international? and all the other store they operate like,,, etc...

Originally Posted by Teger View Post

where are you finding the cheap 3.0 frees?

The Free Havens, they are $80 at right now and they just had a 20% off coupon that expired.
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rfx i cant find that exact colourway on your black nike free trainers. not these ( right?
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My pic might be a bit deceiving, my pair is actually the obsidian colorway.
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My Lunar Glide 4 ID's are en route. Been using a pair of Lunar Glide 3's for the past year, looking forward to seieng how the 4's hold up.
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I scored these for $25. Wise choice?

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Yea or nay?
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post


Fuck these are dope for the gym. Damn you rfx, I don't need more frees already have 3 pairs. I hate the free run + I have though so I only wear my black 2s and blue 3s.

Need those white ones and the gyakusou ones, now there's fucking 12 dus at my gym with the exact same electric blue ones so sick of all these fucking biters.

I like the flyknits but they'll probably look huge in my size and no way I'm paying 150 for dem shits. Lunars are cool but I'm not going to work out in marathon shoes.
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anyone like SB's??


I just got these. Sorry about the tag, it was for a different site


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Yeah, I think the Killshots look good, maybe even better than the Samba. 

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To those interested in Flyknits, this website seems legit:

Originally Posted by jet View Post

Lunars are cool but I'm not going to work out in marathon shoes.

There are good trainers with Lunar though but they are probably more for cardio or cross training than strictly lifting, frees seems better for that especially if you aren't training outdoors or in the field where you need more traction on your shoe.
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