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Holy shit $358. Full retard
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seriously disappointed with design of white label, all that money and talent and that's the best they could muster
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$235 for a grey crew neck with a nylon arm pocket...I get that they were "updating classic sports silhouettes" but that's fucking obnoxious. Weak.
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holy fuckin lol
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that made me laugh
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One of the best ones to date.
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Fvcking classic!
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Originally Posted by sikeee View Post


I might have met the real-life version of this guy on the Sydney streets. Top to toe in Gyakusou gear.

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General consensus on Flyknits=normal Nike size or 1/2 size up? Just got mine and feel much snugger at toe than i expected. Not sure if better to size up or just leave it...not really planning to use as a true runner.
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I go with my normal size for Lunars and Trainers and size up a half for Frees. Not sure about Racers. If you're not running in them and they aren't uncomfortable you should be fine. I actually size down a half sometimes for non-performance Nikes like the Flyknit chukkas or performance shoes that I want to wear casually only, since I like the closer fit/slightly shorter look.
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^ thanks! They are the Lunars. Seems like they will be fine...just a little snug over top of big toe, but still have a little room.

Related: do they stretch at all? Didn't think they would, but if they do a little, that would account for it just fine.
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i go up a half size in the lunar one, because i like having a little more breathing room, but it all depends on your feet and what socks you'll be wearing with them. try on both sizes if you can, and just pick the one that feels best off the bat
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