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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Ugh, can't believe this colorway of FR3 is selling out online. Was really hoping to catch this one on sale but that might be too risky.

These seem well-stocked at a local Champs here. If you want proxy, let me know, RFX.
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Those black HTMs almost gave me a turtle boner until I realized that stock is limited and they'll probably never be mine :'[


Anyways, Round 2:

TR1 - NIKE or NASA (Click to show)


Originally Posted by zombie View Post

Very impressed w/ how different the LG4s feel compared to the previous iteration --- crazy light, snug, and firm yet forgiving with each stride. I won a Nike gift card at a raffle and can finally indulge in NikeID w/o hating myself for dropping $150+ bones on a pair. 1 or 2? Although the whole point of ID is to sh*t rainbows on a pair, I'm surprised Nike rarely releases the basic ninj colorways en masse.


1 or 2? (Click to show)







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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Shoreman you know if only 21 Mercer re-stocked or if any of the flagship, online stockists as well?
Post some photos up, you got a pair too then I assume? icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

I did not get a pair! Just saw a tweet from the 21 mercer store that they were available today and in store only. I think most NYers got shut out too
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FYI, decent Fly Knit selection at Nike Town Dallas in North Park, picked up a pair in Red/Black size 11.
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gyakusou preview and release date on tbs blog
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3M weave material likely to be seen in future flyknits?
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Suede FR3 black & gold
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Longshot but anyone have size 9.5 Spacejams for sale?
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Originally Posted by El Argentino View Post

These seem well-stocked at a local Champs here. If you want proxy, let me know, RFX.

Thanks for the help, much appreciated. I'm going to check out my local Champs and FL first then I'll let you know.
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So my search for an affordable, minimalistic sneaker has not been going so well.

Size 9, massively big

Size 8, painfully small

I'll try to find some 8.5 but both shoes almost fit like different models. With the latter pair, I don't think 8.5 would be enough, and yet the first pair is oversized. Can't find any web store that has simple black colorway in stock and for some reason the Nike Blazer is not an easy/popular model to find.
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For Nike Blazers, check out skateboard shops, they tend to be more available there.
Here's a an 8.5 for $80: http://www.cowtownskateboards.com/product_detail.cfm?CatID=10&PID=20529&SKU=78707&LinkID=1
$75 here: http://www.martiniskateandsnow.com/product_detail.cfm?CatID=58&PID=1935&SKU=1935&LinkID=1

Check out this place for a lot of Blazer selections: http://www.pickyourshoes.com/brand_Nike-Classics/Nike-Blazer/gender-Men/

If you're open for suggestions, how about a pair of Janoskis?

Or Tokis? They look much better when worn than in solo pics.
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Thanks a lot! Much easier than randomly browsing eBay.

Actually I prefer mids, or highs as opposed to lows to chukkas. So far the Blazer has been the only slim shoe that fits the bill, but I'll look into those sites. Thanks so much again!
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i can feel myself falling into the flyknit hype even though the last thing i need is another pair of sneakers.

you assholes rotflmao.gif
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Come join us. devil.gif
Blue so nice!

And you know you want the black colorway too!

Clear pic of the Lunar One+.
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